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Your Money Matters! Financial Literacy Program for Teens

Your Money Matters! Financial Literacy Program for Teens

Star Metro Media

Toronto, Canada

Category Create New Profit Centers

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Overview of this campaign

Create a national financial literacy campaign that is fun, interactive and educational for tweens/teens.

Use the Toronto Star's high-visibility Newspaper in Education program to promote the resource to educators across the country.

Increase awareness of TD's commitment to financial literacy for youth and parents across Canada.

In support of National Financial Literacy month, the Toronto Star's Newspaper in Education division worked with one of the largest banks in North America to create a financial literacy resource to schools across Canada.

The promotional campaign included extensive brand exposure for the advertiser, while respecting the fact that the content we produced was being distributed to schools and would be used by tweens and teens.

We capitalized on our ability to promote the program nationally through Star Metro Media including a print buy in eight Metro News markets across Canada, plus the Toronto Star, social media promotion, email and direct mail campaign, and digital ads.

Results for this campaign

Over 100,000 students used the resource in print and digital format, plus close to 3,000 teachers received a supplementary teachers guide with direction on utilizing the content in their classrooms.

The program was also translated to French to extend the exposure. Schools were also given free access to the Toronto Star ePaper for one month.

Client feedback: "...The business leaders are thrilled with the program."

Select teacher feedback: "We are using Toronto Star Newspaper in Education at our school and have received the Financial Literacy materials. Reviews here are great and our Careers teachers would like enough for all the students to use. Could we get another 300 of these?"


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