2016 Finalist

Aftonbladet Perspecive


Stockholm, Sweden

Category Video

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Overview of this campaign

Aftonbladet Perspektiv is an initiative in accessible, high-quality journalism in a new form – short films containing explanatory facts surrounding current events. They are films packed with knowledge, aimed at engaging both your heart and your brain. The initiative is based on the realisation that, even if the audience is up-to-date with the latest in the news flow, it can be difficult to find credible facts in today’s untamed media landscape.
The style is accessible and educational, with an animated graphic identity that builds on the educational tradition of the blackboard, although crisply paced and with a contemporary glint in the eye. The aim is to educate without adopting a patronising tone. Accordingly, great importance has been attached to achieving a tone of voice that clearly bears Aftonbladet’s direct, tabloid character. To date, one of the films has been made as a hybrid between graphics and conventional film – and more of this kind are planned.

Results for this campaign

Aftonbladet Perspektiv is primarily a high-quality viral venture. The films will be where the audience is, and all materials will be published free of charge in social channels, with the exception of the proprietary sub-site under aftonbladet.se. Since the outset in late October, the published films, some 20 to date, have achieved an extensive viral spread, being shown more than 750,000 times on Facebook and 240,000 times on aftonbladet.se.
Other media have shown interest in buying materials and some of the films have been used for teaching purposes in Swedish schools.
• The influx of refugees is one of Europes greatest challenges. While the voices of intolerance grew louder AB Perspektiv choose to focus on the asylum-seeker’s perspective. A guide on how to navigate through the bureaucracy of Swedish migration law – in Swedish, English and Arabic versions.


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