2016 Winner

Montreal Gazette/Concordia University: Rethinking Montreal

Postmedia Network Inc.

Toronto, Canada

Category Native Advertising

Media associated with this campaign

Overview of this campaign

A five-part, 10-week print, tablet, web and video series about the future of Montreal in cooperation with Concordia University and the Montreal Gazette. Double-page spread with Editorial POV on left and client-sponsored content on right.

  • Campaign tapped into the public interest around the Je Vois Montréal/Future of Montreal debate
  • Five infographics anchored each instalment of the series, providing a digestible and engaging way to present content
  • Aimed to promote Concordia as a leader in hard-sciences research and facilities
  • Showcased Concordia professors whose research is impacting the city and its citizens
  • Included Postmedia Content Works-developed videos of University researchers and professors
  • Native ads and social media amplification as well as co-branded digital and print ads drove traffic to the sponsored pages


  • Position Concordia University as an institution that excels in hard sciences research and facilities
  • Showcase Concordia researchers as leading experts in their fields
  • Demonstrate how that research is impacting the everyday lives of Montrealers and the future of Montreal
  • Change perception of the university as only a fine arts school

Results for this campaign

How was success measured: Quality of storytelling, page views, delivery of impressions, social interactions,

Key Metrics:

  • Targeted, sponsored content page views set at 10,000 but reached 14,333 pages, 40% over the target.
  • Total special feature (Gazette editorial and Concordia sponsored content) reached 23,528 pv’s underlining that the Concordia Sponsored content accounted for 60% of the views and 69% of the Unique Visitors.
  • Over 347 hours of reading were spent on Concordia sponsored content stories among the 11,488 Unique visitors to those pages.
  • A combined 65 hours of video was consumed over 3666 video views.
  • Average social media engagement was over 1.2% surpassing the target of 1% engagement. Positive results also were recorded on social amplification to French audiences.
  • Content was retweeted even by peers at competing universities.
  • CTR on client brand ads within sponsored pages was 4x the rate of those same ads outside the sponsored pages (or the internet average CTR of .08%).
  • Concordia resource center generated 1.37% CTR to client’s site (again significantly better than typical display ad CTR).
  • Concordia visibility online reached 1,761,000 impressions (brand, co-brand, touch points and social media)
  • Print reach totalled 2,350,000 gross impressions (Montreal Gazette avg. daily readership x ad frequency)


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