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Overview of this campaign

Finans.dk is a digital-only, mobile first business media outlet owned by Jyllands-Posten and created as an in-house start-up. The media represents the largest investment in quality business reporting in Danish media for 25 years and first aired October 21st 2014 with the purpose of becoming a market leader and build a loyal audience of paying subscribers. Finans was created on the back of numerous interviews with Danish business leaders in order to co-create a digital media worthy of our value proposition “The Essence of Relevance” for Danish business people.
We target a professional audience in need of accessing news and unique perspective on the Danish and global economy and markets - however, whenever and wherever they demand it. Thus, we became a mobile first, but not a mobile only media. Finans.dk is available through mobile web, native app, desktop and tablet and our news is distributed not only on our site and social media, but also through our media partners eb.dk, jp.dk and Watch Medier in order to broaden our reach while faced with the task of positioning a new media brand in a hitherto well established market hierarchy for business news in Danish.
In order to create an editorial department second to none, we entirely moved the business editorial newsroom of the newspaper Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten to Finans.dk, doubled the staff and created a brand new, digital editorial department. Furthermore, we hired five reporters in various time zones across the globe and build a complete sales organization from scratch. We continually develop our media platform in cooperation with our readers. Thus, during 2015, we have introduced curated annotiations and a daily digital magazine, Finans Update, designed to fulfill the demand for lean-back reading after business hours. Unique selling points for Finans.dk is investigative reporting, a special focus on dissecting and analyzing global business trends and thought leadership interviews with business leaders and entrepreneurs on the rewards and downsides of living the business life.

Results for this campaign

Finans.dk was launched as a high-end digital media with a yearly subscription price of DKK 2.759 excl. VAT (USD 400) and was greeted with tremendous interest from the business community. The business is build around a freemium-model, making short and common news free, while in-depth reporting and analysis is subscription-based contend only.
During 2015, Finans.dk won several national and Nordic awards. In April, Finans.dk was presented with medals by the Danish Publishers’ Association in the categories “Open web-class” and “Best web-news coverage” and got an honorable mention for “best frontpage”. In October, Finans.dk won a medal at the SNDS-awards in the category “website” and got an honorable mention in the category “frontpage”. Also, in 2015, Finans.dk’s investigative team was presented with “Erhvervsjournalistprisen”, the official Danish award for excellence in investigative business reporting, selected by a broad range of business editors and business leaders.
Seven months after coming into existence, Finans.dk was, in May 2015, officially named the largest digital business media in Denmark, surpassing our legacy-competitors, Borsen.dk and Business.dk with more than 116,000 daily users, representing a “market share” of 42 per cent of Danish digital business readers.
Subscription sales through our own organization are primarily targeting companies, who buy bulk packages of Finans.dk-subscriptions for their employees, while subscriptions for individuals are sold through digital self-service channels from our web sites. As expected subscription sales started out slowly, but took off in the spring of 2015 and has been rising month-on-month ever since. At the end of 2015 Finans.dk had build a large and loyal subscriber- and advertiser base and was en route to breaking even well ahead of plans. Finans.dk lead the way in proving, that it is in fact possible to successfully launch a new, subscription based media brand through journalism of exceptional quality in the world of modern media.
The comittee can access our media on www.finans.dk, using the following access codes:
Brugernavn: competitions@jp.dk
Adgangskode: competitions2016


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