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Polish Your English

Agora SA

Warsaw, Poland

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Overview of this campaign

On 1 September 2014, Prime Minister Donald Tusk promised during a European Council meeting that he would improve his English in three months. This public commitment motivated us to create a media buzz around the event and to study together with the PM. This is how the action “Polish Your English” began, during which we taught English to Poles every day for three months.


In general, every day Gazeta Wyborcza fulfils two types of goal – mission (responsible forming of opinions, promotion of values defined in the title’s DNA) and business (increasing the single copy sale and revenues). Ideally these two goals should be combined, intertwined and result from the events and news.

Mission goals:

  • improve practical knowledge of “live” English among Poles
  • give tools, systematically conveying knowledge
  • encourage and motivate to study through attractive forms

Business goals:

  • increase Gazeta’s single copy sales
  • revenue growth

Results for this campaign

  • Publishing English lessons every day for 3 months in Gazeta and on wyborcza.pl (how to speak in an imaginative and funny way, creating precise sentences, being effective at small talk, avoiding language gaffes and fluently answering all questions)
  • Total growth in Gazeta sales by approx. 40 thousand copies
  • Use of various editorial forms and the involvement of people from outside GW
  • The Letters to Tusk action
  • Cooperation with www.polishexpress.co.uk – the biggest Polish weekly in Great Britain (publication of the series’ materials, as well as the creation of a special subscription offer for Poles living in Great Britain. The weekly’s authors also wrote texts for our series)
  • Presence of Polish Your English on breakfast TV and radio
  • 2 x publication of English learning sets: a CD on Thursday (insert to the entire GW edition, increase in single copy sales by 36 000) plus a book on Friday (sold together with Gazeta, daily edition, sales of the higher price issue by 42 000, increase of single copy sales by 24 000)
  • To close the action, on 5 December, with the publication of a book containing all the lessons, in separate sales, on sale from 5 to 31 December 2014 – 14 000 copies

In total the action led to increased sales of Gazeta by more than 100 thousand.


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