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State of Opportunity

State of Opportunity

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Overview of this campaign

Industry and business advocacy groups in Wisconsin indicate there are great jobs available for workers right now. And, educators across the state have developed outstanding training programs to help students land those jobs. However, a critical gap remains – and projections indicate a growing worker shortage. To help these communities, Gannett Wisconsin Media developed a layered multimedia program to communicate the rich career and educational opportunities that we have in Wisconsin. This endeavor connects job hunters, parents and students with the stories, videos and advice on what jobs are really like.

Our statewide research uncovered that readers, especially parents, want to know more about the availability of jobs for themselves and their children. We also uncovered key industries in which readers wanted more information for themselves or their children.

This program was a natural fit among sponsors on multiple fronts, using the ten Wisconsin newspapers as the primary communication vehicle. On a statewide basis, we partnered with the Fond du Lac Economic Development Corp., Nicolet Bank, Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. and the Wisconsin Technical College System to help tell these stories. Regional and local sponsors were secured as well among all markets. Sponsors have a vested interest in creating and maintaining a strong local economy as well as cultivating a skilled workforce and retaining key talent to fill positions.

Results for this campaign

To date, and still selling, we’ve sold $365,000 in state, regional and local packages.

State of Opportunity is a multi-market solution that is run in 10 GWM markets that includes statewide, regional and local stories.

Business feedback:

  • A Wausau manufacturer praised our willingness to help address the employee shortage and to tell their story. They really appreciated seeing a commitment to their industry.
  • The Department of Workforce Development staff is pleased with our coverage and commitment. Representatives have offered additional contacts and resources to help build the case for opportunity.

Reader feedback:

  • A guidance counselor from Wausau West High School appreciated the content and thought it was a great resource for students. She posted links to our State of Opportunity coverage so that students can refer to it.
  • Anecdotally readers say they are enjoying the series and learning a lot. In their respective roles, they confirm that we are getting the message right and that it is an invaluable message to share with readers.
  • They have career questions and are asking for advice from our career counselor.

The series has solid engagement from resources such as the Department of Workforce Development and Bay Area Workforce Development, with one prominent leader saying his organization would’ve “done anything” for this type of focus on the skills gap issue, and he’s thrilled we recognized it ourselves and have tackled it the way we did.

RAM data of our bi-weekly content indicates 68% recall, 66% relevancy, 59% would read more in the future and 46% read it thoroughly.

Per RAM, the first quarterly section generated at 60% recall, 70% relevancy, 68% would read more in the future and 46% read it thoroughly.

State of Opportunity content pages views to date for mobile and desktop: 173,454


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