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The New York Times

New York, United States

Category Mobile

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Overview of this campaign

The New York Times is constantly striving to capture the minds of the intellectually curious, and satisfy their curiosity in engaging and innovative ways. As the emphasis on digital becomes increasingly pervasive for news media, The New York Times continues to be a leader in explorations in the space, delivering content optimized for mobile and web consumption via new channels and products.

On April 2, 2014, The New York Times launched the new NYT Now mobile application for iPhone. The goals of NYT Now are:

• Tell users what they need to know, quickly. Pick the most important stories of the day. Give users a quick summary so they feel caught up, but not overwhelmed.
• Make users feel prepared for the day ahead.
• Tell users what’s changed since the last time they visited the app, and guide them through the experience.
• Satisfy the users’ intellectually curiosity — tell them interesting things that enrich their lives.
• Be helpful and integrate with users’ lives.
NYT Now presents the news in a highly visual and easily consumable fashion, bringing together the most important and interesting stories from The New York Times and all around the web. In one tab, users can scroll through the top stories from The New York Times, presented with headlines, images and key story bullet points to provide a quick overview. In a second “Our Picks” tab, the same is available but utilizing stories from around the web, curated by editors of The New York Times. Users are also able to save articles to read later, or share with other via social media, email or other messaging services.

NYT Now also features a daily Morning Briefing each weekday, designed as a way to provide a quick overview of what a reader needs to know to start his/her day.

Results for this campaign

NYT Now has been available for less than a year, and has received an overwhelmingly positive reception from users and the industry alike.

• Named as a “Best New App” by Apple in April.
• Named as an App Store “Best of 2014” by Apple in December.
• Daily usage in the mid–five figure range.
• User retention is strong, with over 40 percent of users returning one week after their first visit, and half of all users returning the next month after their initial visit.
• NYT Now is attracting a new audience to The New York Times, as a large portion of users of NYT Now have not previously engaged with an NYT mobile product.
• NYT Now has found success among a younger audience, with higher engagement rates among millennials than typically seen with other NYT products.

The New York Times does have a host of digital and mobile offerings. However, NYT Now has managed to break new ground with regards to design and usability, while attracting a brand-new audience to The Times. The comingling of NYT stories and stories from around the web has allowed NYT Now to offer content that appeals to a wide range of users, thus broadening the reach of the product. We are confident that we can continue to build on this success, and continue to evolve NYT Now and push the innovation even further.


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