2015 Finalist

Milenio Magazines and Special Editions

Milenio Diario

Mexico City, Mexico

Category New Print Product

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Overview of this campaign

Grupo Milenio, a Mexican multimedia company, produces a national newspaper edition with over 101,000 copies.

Before 2014, the national edition produced special issues for particular events: Mother’s Day, Tianguis Turístico (Travel Industry National Event), Guadalajara’s International Book Fair, Back to School, and a Shopping Guide for Christmas.

In 2014, we created a new Special Issues Department in order to increase the number of magazines and special issues included in the national edition with significant improvements on its editorial standards.

The main objective of this department was to attract a increase fidelity of existing suscribers and to attract more suscriptions to the national edition. The objective is to grow advertising sales and to identify new advertising opportunities.

Results for this campaign

In 2014, Milenio produced 340 special issues in nine different cities, many of them with shared content and design elements. The national edition produced in Mexico City multiplied by four the number of print editions produced locally.
We created two new groups of publications. A CHIC brand which includes three monthly magazines distributed inside the national edition: CHIC Passport (travel), CHIC Haus (home decor), and CHIC Lifestyle (entertainment and shopping guide).
This brand attracted more than new 50 advertisers to Grupo Milenio.


The second group of publications was created through international partnerships with UK’s Financial Times, and Spain’s El Mundo. Every day, we publish two pages of translated articles from the Financial Times and a 12-page daily edition of El Mundo to serve the growing Spanish-born community in Mexico. In addition, we publish a weekly edition with articles from the Financial Times and local business features, titled FT Mercados.

Since the launch of magazines CHIC Haus, Passport and Lifestyle, Milenio Diario saw an increase in 69% of suscriptions renewals from existing readers, and an increase of more than 10% of new suscribers.

Starting September with the launch of weekly magazine FT Mercados and the daily edition of El Mundo, suscription renewals increased by 69% and new suscriptions grew by 4%. Advertising sales for the special issues department grew 88% from 2014 compared to the previous year due to an increase in the number of publications and topics covered.


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