2015 Winner

Political Citizenship

Gazeta do Povo

Curitiba, Brazil

Category Brand Awareness Campaigns

Media associated with this campaign

Overview of this campaign

The campaign aims to encourage the involvement of citizens in public affairs of the community, through party or partisan politics. In its second edition, Gazeta do Povo brought the expertise of people who, without appearing to be doing politics, act politically. The newspaper also featured stories that showed how Brazilian institutions work and explained how citizens could contribute, overseeing the government, claiming rights with parliamentarians and the government. It also discussed the function of party politics as an essential part for the proper functioning of democracy.

Results for this campaign

Stories that create relevance and involvement with the brand, acknowledging and valuing the causes of the community.

  • Marketing and newsroom 100% engaged in planning and performing the approach
  • Impact on many digital channels, multiplying the initiative's concept with the help of more than 30 partners who shared the Political Citizenship campaign, extending the reach and visibility of Gazeta do Povo's brand
  • In Google's channels, Political Citizenship had more than 3,4 milhões impressions, 167k views e more than 25,8k clicks over the following media: search, display, light box e trueview
  • Political Citizenship was in the following Facebook's media: like ad, domain ad, post ad video e post ad photo. It recorded a total of more than 38k clicks, 1,1 million impressions, 130k reach and 129k post engagements
  • The Political Citizenship's videos in Facebook had more than 70k clicks, 1,9 million impressions, 239k views and 255k post engagements
  • The Political Citizenship campaign registered more than 5k shares in Facebook
  • The Political Citizenship's channel on YouTube already registered more than 415k views
  • Gazeta do Povo increased in 7% (from 54% to 58%) its penetration of total newspaper readers (printed + Internet) when comparing the first semesters of 2013 and 2014**
  • In research on the “Value and Image Assessment of Gazeta do Povo”, in which the public perception of value and image of the brand in 2014 were evaluated, the item “Has personality and courage” reached 85% of approval, a 5 percentage-point increase when comparing to the same period in 2013
  • In 2014, Gazeta do Povo entered the ranking of the Most Admired Vehicles, which measures how much professionals in the communication and marking areas value the vehicle for the prestige of its brands. Gazeta do Povo occupies the 8th position in the Newspaper category. The ranking is performed by Grupo Troiano de Branding for the weekly magazine Meio&Mensagem and takes into consideration seven different attributes: content, credibility, commercial support, efficiency, innovation, ethics and commitment.

Gazeta do Povo believes that politics and education are two pillars that contribute to transform and consciously train people. "We want to promote engagement through popular protagonism and dialogue, having Gazeta do Povo as the emulator of good deeds. We bet that a new generation will grow replicating models."


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