2015 Finalist

Read and Think Gazeta Do Povo

Gazeta do Povo

Curitiba, Brazil

Category Public Relations and Community Service

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Overview of this campaign

The Read and Think project was created in 1999 by Gazeta do Povo and its main goal is the training of young readers, building their critical skills and engaging them with the printed newspaper. By reading and working with information, the students start to develop a better understanding of the world that surrounds them, grasp what they read, feel integrated into society and able to fully exercise their citizenship.

Results for this campaign

96% of the Project’s Annual Survey respondents say that the Read and Think project could help their schools to achieve better results in IDEB (Basic Education Development Index), an index that measures the quality of education in the country. From all the schools participating in the Read and Think project, around 29,8% were not evaluated by IDEB in 2013 on the basis of certain criteria established by MEC (Ministry of Education).

The results achieved by private institutions are not disclosed school by school.

Impact on the community:

A partnership with the Municipal Secretariat of Education was set up in order to measure the impact of the project on the community.

  • More than 6k answers were obtained from the 20k students inquired + their families.
  • 71 % of the respondent parents said that their children started to read materials other than the school-related ones. 66% said that they noticed a learning improvement in their children.
  • Family: 2,665 respondents. Teaching Materials
  • In 2014, 3,612 editions of Gazeta do Povo were distributed because of the Read and Think project, representing 8.5% of the newspaper’s total circulation.
  • In the same year, BOLO (Guided Reading Bulletin), focused on teachers, had 96k issues delivered in 16 editions. Satisfaction Index
  • 78% of the teachers claimed to participate in at least one activity offered by the project over the year.
  • 91% of the teachers said that the project is relevant in their communities.
  • 72,4% of the teachers is actively engaged in the project.

Supporters of the Project:

There was a record number of supporters in 2014, with 37 companies investing, an 81% increase in comparison with 2011. Image Perception of Gazeta do Povo 98% of the teachers believe that Gazeta do Povo is a company committed to quality education and human development.


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