2015 Finalist

Revenue Diversification: Expanded Marketing Division Develops Commercial Content

The Day and day.com

New London, United States

Category Create New Profit Centers

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Overview of this campaign

Provide storytelling solutions for advertisers to market products and services by establishing sponsored content print & digital distribution platforms by building out a content team within marketing. Marketing writers create paid content in print and digital creating a platform for new revenue streams; including a new online platform for sponsored stories The team also supports managed services enabling us to fully monetize our database. This initiative required a significant cultural change with a team of editors and reporters working within the Marketing Division. We worked with the newsroom to establish a style guide and a sponsored policy and procedure guide to ensure 100% transparency for our readers.

Results for this campaign

Over $300,000 annualized new revenues in 2014 associated with commercial marketing and sponsored content driven primarily by new magazine titles and unprecedented success with a re-formatted weekly real estate section. Based on our success in 2014 we added staff to our marketing content team for 2015 while building on our 2014 sponsored specialty magazine titles. We will publish over 27 titles through marketing this year with associated revenues of over $1.6 million.

See attached deck for an overview of this project and click this link to go to our sponsored content magazine: http://thedayimag.com/ctFamily/winter2014/


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