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The Desert Sun

Palm Springs, United States

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Overview of this campaign

When we launched this new magazine, the goal was simple: Tell the Coachella Valley business community’s story without the pie charts and bar graphs normally associated with economic strategy. The new magazine was designed, photographed, and curated to put human faces on topics like innovation, strategy, and the annual economic summit the Coachella Valley Economic Partnership hosts in a way that the readers of The Desert Sun would find compelling.

Additional goals included:

• Incremental revenue growth in our non-daily product category focused on advertisers who have not typically advertised in our magazines.
• CVEP Endorsement and sponsorship of THRIVE! Magazine
• Distribution of THRIVE! at the Coachella Valley Economic Summit
• Distribution of THRIVE! at CVEP events
• Design of magazine website consistent with the modern feel of the print version
• Hosting and promotion of magazine website on the home page of DesertSun.com
• Cover stories focused on millennial demographic

Results for this campaign

Promoted as the magazine driving our valley’s new economy, Thrive! Magazine launched as a quarterly publication in April 2014. The magazine introduced a new partnership between The Desert Sun and the Coachella Valley Economic Partnership. CVEP promotes a diversified, year-round economy via programs that stimulate job creation in key industries through business attraction, retention and expansion.

The first issue launched with a cover story introducing ‘The Women of iHub’ profiling four unique female entrepreneurs working with CVEP’s IHub and Palm Springs Accelerator Campus. Inside, a feature on LanzaTech, the small business development center focusing on untapped Latino-owned small businesses, told the story of Hispanic tech opportunity.

The second issue featured two high school students at Cathedral City High Schools Digital Arts Technology Academy, better known as DATA. DATA classes include digital imaging, digital photography, animation, filmmaking, media studies, and many other 21st-century technology skills. The issue also contained a feature on the future of healthcare and the entrepreneurs creating med-tech products and jobs in the new Health & Medical Innovation Center.

The third issue focused on CViHub and the entrepreneurs launching their digital dreams in the Coachella Valley iHub. The products and people featured in this issue included Astrella fashion which enables a new way to download music, Pocial real-time polls powered by social media, and PSTalent.com.

THRIVE! publishes 40,000 issues each quarter reaching 72% of Coachella Valley adults due to its distribution in The Desert Sun. It’s website www.thrivecoachellavalley.com ensures that content is available online and optimized for mobile traffic.

The magazine will publish its fourth issue of the season in February 2015 and has generated over $200,000 in incremental revenue combining traditional advertising, sponsorship and advertorial opportunities.

Content in the magazine will continue to include advertorial from featured partners, enabling our advertisers to tell their transformative stories of innovation and economic leadership.

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