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MiE- Magazine in Education

MiE- Magazine in Education

DB Corp. Ltd. (Dainik Bhaskar Group)

Bhopal, India

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Overview of this campaign

Let knowledge and creativity take you to a new high.

MiE (Magazine in Education) is first of its kind magazine focused school contact program for students of India.

The MiE program was rolled out in June 2014.

The objective of MiE is to build an educated tomorrow, today, and create ‘Top of the Mind’ awareness for ‘Young Bhaskar’ magazine to bolster the future readership for mainline products.

Young Bhaskar is a fortnightly 40 page English magazine brimmed with infotainment that caters to the budding group of 7 to 14 years. It is enriched with general awareness, science, brain teasers, quizzes, jokes, riddles, comics and a lot more for the young minds of the 21st century.
MiE was started to strengthen the persona and reach of ‘Young Bhaskar’ magazine in the existing and new markets of India.

Schools are the right TG to garner maximum response under one roof and create a positive ‘Word of Mouth’ among the students community and their families at large.

Subscriptions were offered and booked at schools, and magazines were delivered at schools only.

MiE is a 100% school contact program. Under this program, we pitched to all the prospective English and Hindi medium schools of our markets, approx-5,000 schools.

As a member of MiE (subscriber of Young Bhaskar Magazine), members will get an opportunity to participate in five do-it-yourself extra -curricular activities and win exciting prizes, scholarships, and laurels national level.

The 5 extra-curricular activities are-

1. Junior Picasso 2- Completed in Oct'14 to Nov'14
2. World of Graffiti- Completed in Dec'14 to Jan'15
3. My Passport- Feb'15 to Mar'15
4. My Wonderland- Apr'15 to Ma'15
5. Connect the dots- Jun'15 to Jul'15

All the above said activities were organized under the title of YB Activity Club of MiE program.
Young Bhaskar magazine subscription- 10 months (20 issues) of subscription at Rs. 99/ (US $1.60)

For more details, please visit the official activity blog of Young Bhaskar magazine- 'www.youngbhaskar.blogspot.com'

Results for this campaign

The MiE program- Season 2 was rolled out in June 2014.

The initial or season1 also received an overwhelming subscription of 20,000 copies from schools across India.

Total Circulation of Young Bhaskar magazine, 70,000 copies as on 23rd Jan 2015.

Out of 70,000 copies; 33,046 copies of Young Bhaskar magazine were subscribed under the 'Magazine in Education- MiE' program, i.e. 47% subscription copies were booked through MiE and the remaining 53% copies were booked through CSP or line copies.

The subscription of 33,046 copies in season 2 was achieved in 2 months of time, i.e. July & August 2014.

The subscription of 33,046 copies were received from 1,521 schools of 10 states of India.

With respect to season 1, there was a 65% increase in subscription bookings in season 2 (July and August 2014).

The 10 MiE program member states are, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Chandigarh (Including Himachal Pradesh), Punjab, Haryana, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Bihar.


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