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Investor Tools Flash Sale

The Globe and Mail

Toronto, Canada

Category Paid Content or Subscription Initiative

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Overview of this campaign

In order to increase subscription sales of Globe Unlimited, the all access digital pass to everything on globeandmail.com, The Globe and Mail introduced the Globe Unlimited Investor Tools suite of products, including:

  • Portfolio
  • Watchlist
  • Company Pages
  • Interactive Charts
  • Stock Screener
  • Stock Reports+
  • Real-Time Stock Quotes
  • Reuters Financial News
  • 3 Exclusive Finance and Investor blogs

The tools were designed to appeal to The Globe’s business audience and offered this core group a new way for them to interact with the stories, companies, stocks and features, they follow and track on globeandmail.com.

To promote the new suite of tools, The Globe held a 10-day Investor Flash Sale during which Globe Unlimited was offered to subscribers at a steep discount.

The sale was promoted solely through Globe and Mail assets including onsite advertising, print advertising, promotion on The Globe’s social media accounts, and eblasts to registered users of globeandmail.com, along with print subscribers who had not activated their complimentary Globe Unlimited subscription that is included with a 5- 6-day print subscription.

The campaign had the following objectives:

  • Drive new digital subscription sales by increasing the perceived value of a globeandmail.com digital subscription
  • Encourage activation of complimentary Globe Unlimited access among print subscribers to drive customer retention efforts and building a customer lifetime value blueprint.
  • Raise awareness of The Globe’s robust set of investor tools
  • Increase engagement and time spent amongst users of globeandmail.com business and investing content and exclusive investor tools

Results for this campaign

The Globe Unlimited March 2014 Investor Tools themed flash sale showed positive results including:

  • A 14% rise in digital subscription sales towards Globe Unlimited in comparison to past Globe Unlimited flash sales
  • A 64% increase in the number of complimentary print activations linked to a digital subscription in comparison to the 10-day period prior to the Investor Tools launch
  • An increase in digital subscription sales of Globe Unlimited during the flash sale by an average of 150% compared to pre-product launch

Despite a small, paid external advertising buy, 99.5% of net-new digital subscription starts to the Globe Unlimited product were activated in response to promotional pieces in The Globe and Mail’s newspaper, website, and apps. Email communications proved to be the most effective driver of net-new digital subscriptions, resulting in more starts as the result of three eblasts than in the entire week previously.

The Globe and Mail recognizes that our most popular and consumed content continues to be our investing and business categories, and the launch of the Globe Unlimited Investor Tools offered a new way for Globe and Mail readers to interact with the stories, companies, stocks and features they follow and track on globeandmail.com.


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