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See The Big Picture

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Overview of this campaign

Singapore Press Holdings Limited (SPH), Asia's leading media organisation, has for many decades been Singaporeans’ main news source.

However, the surge in tablet and smartphone usage has changed media consumption habits and drastically reshaped the media landscape. The increasing number of competitive news channels meant increased alternatives for consumers and advertisers.

To stay relevant and resilient, SPH has, over the years, undergone major transformation of its media offerings to include a comprehensive suite of digital platforms to complement its print, broadcast and out-of-home businesses. This provided readers with more touchpoints to consume news and advertisers with an integrated media solution to reach out to their target audiences.

As SPH celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2014, it provided the perfect landscape for SPH to leverage on this opportunity to reconnect with Singaporeans and to showcase the efficacy of its multimedia platform solutions to both agencies and advertisers.
The challenge was to think of a proprietary one-of-a-kind campaign that was not only engaging and relevant to Singaporeans but could demonstrate the power of SPH integrated media solutions to advertisers.

With that, the idea titled “See The Big Picture” was born!

Stephen Wiltshire, an autistic savant and a world-renowned architectural artist, was commissioned to draw the Singapore skyline from memory in full view of a LIVE audience over 5 days on a 4mx1m canvas. The unique skyline is relatable to all Singaporeans and to be able to witness it being immortalised up close was simply awe-inspiring.

The event, which included an exhibition of his past works and life story, was held at Paragon, SPH's upscale retail mall along Orchard Road and was publicised entirely using SPH owned media platforms – from print, outdoor, radio, online to mobile. SPHRazor, SPH’s video production arm, undertook the video documentation of the entire event. This all-encompassing marketing effort that utilises all of SPH’s media business units to bring about the unique skyline to Singaporeans was the pinnacle of SPH’s 30th anniversary celebration.

Results for this campaign

The awareness went through the roof with over 150,000 people witnessing Singapore’s largest Live Drawing event over five days. It was an unprecedented turnout. President Tony Tan Keng Yam, Ambassadors, Ministers, CEOs of various government bodies and corporations graced the occasion.

It created a world’s first with our President being the first to ink on a Stephen Wiltshire panorama.
With only S$1.8 million worth of media dollars, the campaign generated over 80 million media impressions across all platforms. This would mean every Singaporean would have read about it 14.5 times! Simply incredible!

And for the first time ever, this campaign elicited 99% positive comments on the event and the brand on the social and digital platforms.

More importantly, enquiries for SPH’s integrated media solutions grew by more than 20% within weeks after the event concluded.

There was also overwhelming PR coverage with his Singapore panorama story appearing as the main cover story in major newspapers and it trended in all key social media platforms and created conversations in countless blogs and forums.

The campaign also benchmarked SPH as an inclusive and responsible corporation touching countless lives with Stephen Wiltshire’s interaction with students from Pathlight (first autism-focused school). Families with autistic children (or children with disabilities) were grateful to SPH for sponsoring such an inspirational event that brought hope and courage.

Reprints of the artwork autographed by President Tony Tan Keng Yam raised $220,000 for the President’s Challenge. SPH also gave exclusive rights to Pathlight School to produce reprints and merchandise to raise funds for Autism Resource Centre. The merchandise were sold at all Tangs outlets and the Pathlight School’s eMall.

Finally, as a follow up on this historical event, the 4-metre long Singapore skyline panorama was presented by SPH to President Tony Tan later as a gift to celebrate Singapore’s 50th birthday in 2015.

Inspirational, relatable and emotional, this campaign reconnected with Singaporeans and showcased to advertisers’ SPH’s integrated media offerings‘ ability to help consumers to “See The Big Picture”.


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