2015 Winner

Le Soir

Rossel - Le Soir

Brussels, Belgium

Category Launch of a Brand or Product to Create An Audience Segment

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Overview of this campaign

Le Soir, as a quality leading news brand in Belgium, has created and launched in 2014 a complete new strategic and strong positioning activity, named "Demain, la Terre". Objective: meet a growing demand of information, and interests among the readers and the population for a better world and living in society. A clear world trend to be taken care of.
"Demain, la Terre" has been developed on print, digital and mobile supports AND physically activated in a 'fabulous garden' in the center of Brussels.

An innovative multi-channel platform treating the most important issues and initiatives related to environment, healthy food, biodiversity, sustainable development, smart cities and social responsibility for a better world helping our next generations.

3 large investments have been made:

1. In the newspaper: a permanent visibility, once a week, a clearly identified full page written by our best journalists on the subjects. For a better comprehension and analysis of our world and the possibility for partners to express themselves and have a place for free expression.

2. A digital platform concentrating all the subjects in 5 different categories on lesoir.be with the help of social media (Twitter and Facebook) to share and to understand.

3. A 6000 m2'park (!) in the heart of the city, entirely dedicated to our project (with the help of Brussel's City council very close to the European Commission) to act and show in real what we have said and written elsewhere.

A unique and never seen initiative for a media brand in Belgium with several priorities:

  • A smart & engaging way to involve people in environmentally responsible and sustainable behavior.
  • A scientific support from Belgium universities to acknowledge the launch of initiatives.
  • An educational issue: learning and teaching at the same time throughout debates, workshops, specialists, articles, inviting schools and families,
  • A large and important involvement of many partners: Associations, politics, population's representatives, NGO's, firms, private and public in various similar activities.

Le Fabuleux Jardin du Soir !

Results for this campaign

A original strategic diversification for a newsbrand at all levels.

A project perfectly well financed by some large companies that were concerned (!) with the high quality content, the philosophy of the project and the added value for the population... much more than their usual requests for commercial visibility.

The engagement of the city of Brussels, the associations, NGO's, believing in changing the society for the better.
Powerful print and editorial presence combined with a strong digital plateforme, constantly fueled by smart news and studies.

Social media activated (Facebook and Twitter) with over 1000 fans in several weeks.

A large existing audience of Le Soir is now regularly present on the platform by participating and sharing information and news.

A new (!) audience has joined the plateforme.

A long and complete survey has been filled by over 2.500 persons concerning their interests, knowledge, trends,...
The parc in the heart of the city: Over 50 (!) concrete project 'entries of associations for workshops, experiments have been presented and are working. Hundreds of citizens participating every month, schools invited to see and understand. Population following debates with journalists of Le Soir and specialists. Professors teaching their knowledge to the inhabitants. Interaction, engagement for a better citizenship and environment at scientific, cultural, economical, social levels. Not to forget... fun!

It is a success story by realizing a launch of a complexe and constructive project on the long term that makes of Le Soir, a real trendsetter. Which is a perfect way to show that Newsbrands are still alive, innovative and creative!

But... it is not our story. It is the story of the people.


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