2015 Finalist

Inkjet: Individualization of 2.4 million BILD newspapers per day

BILD-Group, Axel Springer SE

Berlin, Germany

Category Print Single-Copy Sales

Media associated with this campaign

Overview of this campaign

The inkjet technology enables BILD to individualize each copy of the daily 2.4 million BILD newspapers. Thereby BILD is able to individualize figures, letters, texts and graphics in the paper at full production speed. Inkjet was introduced with the launch of BILD’s paid content initiative “BILDplus” to combine online and print: On page three of every newspaper an individual day pass is printed that renders access to BILDplus content online. Today inkjet is used to offer new creative sweepstake mechanisms and individualized codes to readers as well as advertising clients. BILD’s objectives for 2014 where the continued support of BILDplus and the combination of digital and print, an increase in print circulation and reader’s involvement.

Results for this campaign

With the sweepstakes offered in BILD the newspaper becomes a chance to win for each buyer and thereby BILD’s reach of 11 million readers per day is used to turn readers into buyers. The inkjet-sweepstakes had an average response of 20-30% and an increase in circulation between 1-4% was realized. Moreover, everyday each paper includes a day pass for our paid content offer BILDplus online. Thereby inkjet allows for the cross media connection between print and digital so that BILDplus is also promoted to print readers. Finally inkjet allows for a competitive advantage on the advertising market.


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