2015 Finalist

APN ARM Bundles

APN ARM Adservices

Hamilton, Australia

Category Marketing Solutions for Advertising Clients

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Overview of this campaign

  • Create a new media focus for legacy sales teams to grow advertising revenues and market share
  • Create simple multimedia bundles that leverage audience across daily, community and online products
  • Demonstrate to advertisers the increased reach of combining unique engaged audiences across daily, community and online products
  • Create change in culture and knowledge in our sales team by focusing on the strength and benefits of aggregate engaged audience across multiple products when selling
  • Move sales teams’ focus from rate and complexity of sale to simplified selling benefits
  • Leverage underutilised inventory in Mon-Wed dailies to deliver advertisers similar readership to late week dailies
  • Develop names for bundles that encourage advertisers to upsize. Small size print ad bundle creates “Awareness”, increase in size and frequency for “Profile”, and increase further to make an “Impact”
  • Use surplus inventory in impression based online products (MREC)
  • Provide solutions to encourage first time online advertisers
  • Create bundles based on commonly used sizes to deliver production efficiencies in templated modular page layouts
  • Use historical analysis of advertisers to target lower value clients with bundles that deliver increased frequency and increased length of booking
  • Provide booster options to advertisers that support their “profile bundle” advertising campaigns
  • Create efficient sales and booking processes
  • Unite and set up our sales teams for success across 25+ business units, 12 dailies and 56 non-daily titles
  • Provide training and sales tools to deliver on objectives

Results for this campaign

  • Revenue from initiative for targeted pillar grew by more than $0.5m or 7%
  • Clients stated bundles were giving them reach, frequency and results, cost effectively
  • Across the group, average revenue per customer was 35% higher for bundled vs. non-bundled customers
  • Ad content improved 3.5% in the daily titles and 3% in community titles
  • For Q4 revenue for customers taking a bundle was up 61.5% on prior year
  • For Q4 digital revenue in launch site was up 190% on prior year
  • All teams worked together to create bundle packages to achieve objectives
  • Sales teams' culture evolved to encompass multimedia focus
  • Media Solutions team built single page bundle sales flyers (one for each bundle type), then replicated and personalised for 19 sites so all publications had easy to use sales collateral
  • Booking forms and processes were created for internal bookings
  • Sales scripts were written and implemented
  • All teams were trained on their roles in selling and delivering bundles
  • FAQs and guidelines documents were created and distributed


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