2015 Winner

Expresso - O Popular

Grupo Jaime Câmara

Goiânia, Brazil

Category Mobile

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Overview of this campaign

The newspaper O Popular is the absolute leader of print media in Goiás since 1938. It was the first newspaper in Brazil to adopt the paywall system and has always given priority to deliver quality content to its readers. In 2014 our researchers found that the number of visits of mobile phones and tablets to the O Popular's website was growing considerably. Most of these visits were readers who were not subscribers and accessed free content. The problem was that the newspaper's website was not optimized for mobile devices and therefore we were losing a potential audience and revenue. With this information in our hands, offering a better reading platform for mobile phones and tablets became our main goal.


  • Create a proper reading platform for mobile devices.
  • Develop the project within the newspaper itself.
  • Create a platform compatible with all operating systems and screen resolutions of smartphones and tablets available in the market.
  • Stimulate the interest in the potential of the digital environment in our journalists.
  • Ensure the best possible reading experience for the mobile user.

Results for this campaign

On 3 October 2014, we launched the Expresso: the first news platform exclusive for mobile devices loaded with all the free content from the newspaper O Popular.


  • The mobile website was developed by the newspaper’s own staff in just over three months.
  • Thanks to its liquid design, the Expresso is fully compatible with all operating systems and resolutions screens of smartphones and tablets available in the market.
  • The mobile website assures us full access to data about the reader’s behavior. In addition to that, the viewership ratings of Expresso has a direct impact on the ratings of O Popular because the mobile site is its subdomain.
  • Using SVG images and a visual language of apps, the Expresso has the same performance, look and feel of an app.
  • The Expresso led to an evolution in the digital culture of our journalists. Now our journalists are more alert to the performance of their digital content and are putting in place initiatives to improve performance even further.
  • After the launch of Expresso, 49% of visits to the O Popular’s website were originated from smartphones or tablets.
  • The mobile devices visits had extraordinary growth: + 240% for Androids, + 181% for iOS and + 404% for Windows Phone.
  • Expresso is a product that translates seamlessly and naturally the impact of social networks in a journalism website: 47% of his visits resulted from social networks.
  • Expresso became essential to making regional content go viral. E.g. 74% of pageviews of the article "Women complain about the high competition in the dating scene in Goiânia" came from Expresso.
  • Expresso received a score of 99 out of 100 in User Experience by Google PageSpeed Insights.


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