2015 Finalist

Landmark Magazine

Edipresse Media Hong Kong Limited

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Category New Print Product

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Overview of this campaign

LANDMARK magazine is a publication of the LANDMARK complex in central Hong Kong, a centre of four connected buildings that houses a world of luxury fashion, food and lifestyle.

The magazine was relaunched in November 2014 with the objective of creating a lavish, beautiful, sophisticated, international and intelligent publication, reflecting the interests of LANDMARK’s high-end clientele.

One of the fundamental objectives of the publication was to position LANDMARK magazine as, first and foremost, a high-quality international lifestyle product, and to be a trend-setting magazine that could broaden the horizons of the readership. The objective was to create a magazine that extended the LANDMARK brand, reflected the high-end nature of the complex and also engage the readers on a deeper level.

While it is a custom publication, created for the LANDMARK complex, the contents and focus of the magazine is much broader in scope, and aims to be the region’s leading lifestyle magazine in its own right, with world-class writers and beautiful, high-end photography.

Results for this campaign

Since relaunching in November 2014, LANDMARK magazine has received widespread plaudits from its readership. In particular, readers have felt that the magazine is an exciting and beautiful product, which they wish to engage with and to keep, and reflects what they are looking for in a magazine from LANDMARK – a sophisticated product that can be a opinion leader within luxury lifestyle, and to reflect current global trends.


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