2015 Finalist


WeltN24 GmbH

Berlin, Germany

Category Mobile

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Overview of this campaign

DIE WELT launched KOMPAKT in may 2014 as an iOS only app. KOMPAKT is part of WELT kompakt, DIE WELT’s daily, tabloid formatted, compact variant. The objective of the app is very similar to the idea that made Die WELT start publishing WELT kompakt ten years ago: It is an approach to reach a younger demographic. 2014 and in the form of an app, the product had to be truly mobile.

This meant project KOMPAKT was not only a matter of software development but product development also had to take into account the special needs of journalistic storytelling connected with this kind of concept: A different way of writing news articles and a different way of producing and managing that kind of content was needed as well.

KOMPAKT delivers news in bits: Each story comes as a stack of cards. One information bit = one card = one smartphone screen. KOMPAKT is a mix of hard news and entertainment, written, produced and presented by a newly established team in a special way. Stories are short, to the point, picture-rich; they integrate social media (Twitter, Youtube) and have a commenting system where users put in just one word that is being classified as positive, negative or neutral by an automated semantic system. One story from KOMPAKT is being printed each day in WELT kompakt; KOMPAKT deep-links to stories on welt.de.

KOMPAKT is news on the go – the app aims at users who are on their way / waiting / bored / etc. and got some time to kill so she or he would check email, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or go for a casual game. This is where KOMPAKT comes in, with news: following users' behavior and providing content, form and function that fit to mobility needs.

Results for this campaign

KOMPAKT came out on WELT kompakt’s 10th anniversary. The app since then has enhanced the brand DIE WELT and WELT kompakt. It’s a hit with millennials in Germany. Around 50 percent of the users are 30 years and younger.
The app made it to more than 100.000 downloads since KOMPAKT for iOS was available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland from may 2014 on. KOMPAKT got more than 1400 review in Apple’s AppStore and a 4,5 star rating (out of 5). Apple demoed the new iPhone 6 and 6 plus in their stores with KOMPAKT and named KOMPAKT one of the best apps of 2014.
Tests with new forms of advertising that use KOMPAKT’s special way of storytelling (for Audi and Ebay) have been very promising. User engagement is significantly higher with those advertising stories (that are very, very clearly labeled as ads, which does not decrease user interest).

Operating a website in parallel to the app shows good results when it comes to distributing the app over social networks like Facebook, Twitter and especially WhatsApp to enhance reach: Stories are often being shared because the content ist fit for mobile (and the form is appealing); user who did not yet download can experience the app (on their smartphone) as a responsive website. And KOMPAKT’s commenting system that transforms your opinion into a meme-like image also contributes in a very positive way to convincing users this could be worth the download.


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