2015 Finalist


Diário do Pará

Belém, Brazil

Category Launch of a Brand or Product to Create An Audience Segment

Media associated with this campaign

Overview of this campaign

Diario do Para has an ongoing commitment to innovation and the development of solutions that reflect solid results for readers, users and advertisers. For this reason, the Journal launched in 2014 the most modern existing digital classified system in the region. Initially oriented exclusively to car segment, the product was a born leader. Provided with a broad alliance with dealers and stores the volume of offers already made the "Tudoaquitem" the largest channel for the purchase and selling of vehicles in the region. To speed up the channel to access content and therefore sales results to advertisers the Journal launched a campaign of online promotions and very humorous and exciting. The campaign, which was divided into two stages, shows people who symbolize the profile of users in the most unusual situations to enhance the potential of generating results that the new product offers. In addition to the campaign an agenda with promotion actions happened in bars and restaurants from around the city. The table coaster commonly delivered to consumers of beer, were all personalized with messages in an effort to stimulate the use the new service. This initiative aimed to sensitize the profile of primary "Tudoaquitem" users.

Results for this campaign

The irreverent language of the campaign in its first two phases, plus the promotional activities in the field, translated a genius impact of leverage product. Excited by curiosity, users not only to access the channel to advertise their vehicles, but above all to check out new deals. Extremely organized and illustrated, thousands of businesses began to be leveraged, reflecting an impact on sales of advertisers and shopkeepers never previously observed by other media channel in the region.



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