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Stockholm, Sweden

Category Launch of a Brand or Product to Create An Audience Segment

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Overview of this campaign

In september 2014, Schibsted launched Lajkat.se, perhaps the quickest growing media enterprise in swedish history. Within the first month Lajkat.se had more than a million users in the very selective age group of 16-29. Four months later Lajkat.se has reached more than four million mobile users. Thats more than half of Swedens population!

With slogans like “Swedens favorite site”, “When you are bored” and “Let us entertain you so you can entertain your friends” Lajkat.se quickly became a house hold name among swedens young readers. “Have you seen that list on Lajkat?” is a common sentence among swedish youngsters.

But the most amazing achievement, what made swedish television, radio and newspapers cover the success story, is the fact that Lajkat.se was that it took one week from idea to launch and the site was managed by only two people, the founders Ehsan Fadakar and Erik Carlsson.

Schibsted owns Aftonbladet.se - Swedens largest online newspaper and control a market share of more than 60 percent of the market share for news. But Schibsted has, similar to many traditional media houses, difficulties reaching a younger audience. How do we engage the young readers and build loyalty towards the company? was the million dollar question in 2014. We had been watching and reading the New York Times Report and saw a similar development in Sweden. Young readers either use social media like Twitter or Facebook to get their daily news or choose smaller and younger digital news sources. Instead of letting new media outlets disrupts us, we decided to do it our selves. Said and done, we lauched Lajkat.se - a news and entertainment for the social native.

We had a simple but honest idelology. When news go online it tends to compete with entertainment. To reach this young audience we need to be entertaining. Can news be entertaining and credible at the same time? Sure it can. So that was what we did.

Results for this campaign

Lajkat.se had three goals:

  • Reach - with journalism and entertainment - a new, younger and pickier audience, don´t cannibalize on Aftonbladets readers. So Lajkat.se was launched without any help from Aftonbladet. Not one reader to be precise. Lajkat.se used Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to succesfully attract readers and build brand recognition. We focus mainly on lists with strong recognition of daily life, quizzes and social journalism.
  • Develop a new way to find, package and spread what we call “social journalism”. Storys on normal people doing abnormal things. This has for long been part of the soul of a tabloid like Aftonbladet - but when Aftonbladet became more and more digital - and was seen as “Swedens primary newssource - it lost the human storys the readers loves to share. Lajkat.se managed to recreate that segment and find a way to package it for the new, young audience.
  • Create a entrepreneurial hub within Schibsted that uses all the new and modern practises for journalists and media houses. So Lajkat.se succesfully became a platform for content repackaging, native advertising and data analyzing. Anything is possible, no meetings are required became the internal slogan.

The results

Traffic: An average of more than one million mobile readers a week in january. More than two million visits and more than three million page views. A stand alone site in Sweden has never been close to these numbers. 

Audience: Main audience is 16-24 - exactly the group that Schibsted was having difficulties reaching. More than 80 percent are returning visitors. Loyalty is cemented.

Costs and earnings: Lajkat.se decided to only use branded advertisining during its first three months. This was a success and earned the enterprise almost 500 000 SEK. This means that Lajkat.se is already showing green numbers.


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