2015 Finalist


Omnipunktse AB

Stockholm, Sweden

Category Mobile

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Overview of this campaign

Omni is just as much an innovation for its' readers as it is for journalism by completely transforming the work process in the news room.

Omni is a whole new way to experience news. Omni gathers news and perspectives from all media in one place. Additionaly, Omni provides simple summaries of the latest news and bring the reader directly to the original sources. With Omni the reader can also follow topics and stories and set the mix of your newsfeed.

Omni is also an innovation in editorial work process and development. At Omni the editors and IT-developers work hand in hand, which permeates the entire organization. With only 10 editors Omni manage to offer Sweden's best news experience.

Everything Omnis development team do is based on users/readers. Omni is developed using the Lean Startup development method. The project began by indepth mapping the newsreaders problems, test hypotheses, and then develop solutions iteratively and test with the readers.

Omni has also developed a completely new work process for newsrooms. On one hand, the classical work of the editor, on the other hand, it is a completely new approach where Omni´s twitter-fast editors work as a sort of curator and DJs of the newsfeed.

Omni has - as a result of cooperation editors and developers - been able to develop their own CMS and publishing system that is tailored to allow this equally self-developed working process. Omni is organized as a startup within Schibsted and is a true disruptor, even to Schibsted's own businesses.

Omni is also an innovation when it comes to advertising with its successful adaptation of native advertising. Omni has also developed its own concept for native advertising made for the mobile audience. Omni has its own in-house unit that produces all the content for the advertisers native ads.

Results for this campaign

Omni was launched as an iOS-app in November 2013, for Android in December 2013 and for web (desktop and mobile) in April 2014.

Omni is already Sweden’s 5th biggest news service in mobile and is growing fast. Omni has been multiply awarded during its first year, in November 2014 awarded as the Best Mobile News Service in Sweden ("Mobilgalan 2014").

The responses from the readers have been fantastic. Surveys with the readers show how Omni has completely changed their way of reading news and the majority of them say Omni is the best news service in Sweden. The measurements are also promising. Retention of around 30-40% and the number of visits/unique visitor/week (≈7) exceeds all other news services in Sweden.

Omni allows Schibsted to position a completely new news brand on the market in Sweden that attracts forward leaning newsreaders and next-generation digital newsreaders. Equally important is how Omni can contribute to innovation process in Schibsted both as a model and technical platform for other to use and modify their work process and products.
Native advertising represents, after only 12 months in business, 70% of Omni’s total ad revenue.


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