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South China Morning Post - Occupy Central coverage

The SCMP Group

Tai Po Industrial Estate, Hong Kong

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Overview of this campaign

As an independent voice of reason and representation, South China Morning Post believed it was not our role to incite or sensationalise, but to present the truth and the intellectual options available for achieving universal suffrage, with clarity.

Being Hong Kong’s largest English-language newspaper and its de facto voice to the world, we wanted, immediately, to build a campaign to broadcast to the world Hong Kong’s fundamental struggle for the right to cast our own vote. Without a budget or reasonable lead-time, we set out with only 1 goal in mind: BREAK DOWN the wall between Editorial and Marketing to join hands at Hong Kong’s Eleventh Hour and orchestrate a truly integrated content marketing campaign to create maximum awareness of the South China Morning Post’s brand in the Western world.

Results for this campaign

The Occupy Central content marketing campaign significantly raised awareness of the South China Morning Post’s brand to a Western audience across several platforms.
Our three-pronged strategy was to: Induce, Engage and Activate

Induce: Increase pageviews by lifting the paywall on Occupy Central news, and amplifying all Occupy Central content through layered and packaged “topics pages” to encourage Deep-Dive and Discovery consumption.

Unique users during the initial 3-week period (28-Sept to 17-Oct) spiked 45% above average, with pageview consumption increasing by 110%.

Over 550 stories were published and repackaged, generating over 11.5 million pageviews, averaging 20,000+ pageviews per article.

Engage: Ramp up social media activity by converging public opinion of both camps on our platform.

A 24-hour live online blog with matching social media coverage on Facebook and Twitter drove massive traction.

SCMP Facebook recorded an unprecedented 55% increase of page likes from 105,000 (on 26 Sep, pre-Occupy Central) to over 163,000 on 26 October.
In the same period, SCMP’s Tweets reached over 13.5 million users and generated 42,600 retweets.

Activate: Capture the social zeitgeist through serialised eBooks.

Following on-site display campaigns, content amplification and social media marketing, we further diversified the campaign through a 2-part eBook on Occupy Central encapsulating summarised reports, backstories, pictorials and video links. This was promoted on-site and via social media to sustain traction and build fixation among the new audience.

Performance of this eBook series completely outstripped all in-house benchmarks by 530%, with more new unique users engaging with the brand than before and giving SCMP.com a much larger base.


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