2015 Finalist

Legal Matters

The Hamilton Spectator

Hamilton, Canada

Category Marketing Solutions for Advertising Clients

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Overview of this campaign

The Hamilton Spectator initiated a weekly custom content marketing program in the Fall 2014 that focused on an untapped category for our paper- legal professionals. We wanted to pursue this avenue as a new source of revenue.

The idea behind the program was to provide a regular ‘column’ in the paper that offers legal advice for readers. Our goal was also to leverage the power of our website to distribute this message in addition to the column in paper.

Our goal was to run this feature once per week.

Results for this campaign

The program soon turned into a six-times per week regular feature. The response from our local legal professionals was great, to say the least.

The appeal of the program for our clients and our readers is the clean Q& A format, making the experience truly interactive and easy to digest. The ‘column’ appears as credible, useful information that helps solve problems for our readers. Included also is an online profile that’s archived for the duration of the program.

We run promotional ads on a regular basis to invite submissions from our readers who wish to have their legal questions answered. Response to this outreach has been very good and reinforces the engagement of the column.

Legal Matters now runs daily in our paper and focuses on different categories: Personal Injury, Real Estate, and Family Law.

The program has been a resounding success since its inception with one office reacting to their successful response by booking a second day for a supplementary 52-week program in 2015.

The program certainly met our goal to provide incremental revenue through a new category of business while also strengthening our relationships with this sector. We have even received additional spin-off revenue into other products.
The ‘column’ provides a very strong brand recognition tool for legal professionals and we have successfully helped our partners to stand out in the community with participants telling us that they are receiving direct calls from the feature. We have allowed 5 legal offices to stand out as a credible voice on legal issues in our community.

The program has been such a success garnering $140K in just a couple of months; the model has been rolled out to an additional 12 newspapers in our media company to achieve a potential $1M boost in advertising revenue for Metroland Media over 2014-2015.


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