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La Presse+ digital edition for tablets / Hors-séries section on the home screen “Vitrine”

La Presse, Ltée

Montreal, Canada

Category Mobile

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Overview of this campaign

In 2013, La Presse, Canada’s French-language daily of record, launched La Presse+, an award-winning free-subscription daily digital edition for iPad and Android tablets that blends the best of print, Web and video. La Presse+ is available free in iOS and Android versions from Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store respectively.

Since launch, La Presse+ has continually enhanced its content offering, adding several columnists exclusive to the app, two new sections (Pause pour lui and Techno), the Avis de décès obituaries section, interactive crosswords, and a range of interactive functionalities including an in-app dictionary.

In addition to its regular news and current events coverage, our editorial team has developed a broad variety of high-quality themed content, major feature reports and practical guides on a wealth of subjects, which have been made gradually available within the daily editions of La Presse+. These in-depth quality content offerings were deserving of extended accessibility, beyond their inclusion with one particular daily edition, or via searches of prior editions.

Since launch, our sales team was enjoying strong success with advertisers thanks to the engaging interactive ads published in the daily La Presse+ editions. It was, however, looking for a way to offer advertisers the equivalent of the inserts and catalogues delivered with the print version of La Presse, but in La Presse+. The amount of work required to produce such massive content fully leveraging the interactive and multimedia potential of the digital app, however, was not time and cost-effective with only short-term publication.

Also, our team sought to maintain and even increase the impressive read times and average weekly tablet reader statistics posted by La Presse+ by offering users value-added content that would give them more reasons to engage with the app, and for longer periods.

To sum up, our goal was to create a space where editorial and advertising content previously published in La Presse+ daily editions could enjoy a second life and extended in-app visibility.

Results for this campaign

As of October 2014, on the “Vitrine” (the app’s home screen), in addition to the La Presse+ daily news editions, readers find the all-new Hors-séries section. This section of the home screen showcases various types of editorial and advertising content previously published in daily editions of La Presse+, but that have been given extended visibility, namely, seven days on the home screen and 60 days via the “Plus de Hors-séries” (“see more”) button.

Three types of content are available:

1. Previously published content produced by La Presse+ newsroom staff, repackaged as free practical guides.
2. Externally produced content like the interactive magazine CANADIENS, written and published by the Montréal Canadiens hockey club organization, and Les instants Paris Match, a digest produced under a recent partnership with the famous French weekly.
3. Lastly, the Hors-séries section provides advertisers with improved content-marketing performance and reach thanks to the Vitrine+ offer: the interactive promotional magazine or catalogue runs in a daily edition with a dedicated tab in the edition’s menu. It is after published as a distinct publication promoted on the home screen of the Hors-séries section for seven days, and then featured in the “Plus de Hors-séries” section for 60 days. The advertiser’smagazine or catalogue benefits from the multiple interactive possibilities of the La Presse+ app.

Here is an example of what an advertiser can achieve:
GET OUT AND SKI: A MAGAZINE EDITED AND PUBLISHED BY SPORTS EXPERTS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLOQ1fh_6jA&feature=youtu.be

Results? The Get and Ski magazine has been opened nearly a 100 000 times.

The success of La Presse+ continues undiminished. During the just-ended Holiday period alone, the app gained 50,000 new tab readers. That result capped off a year marked by a 45% increase in its readership, which has reached an average of 438,372 tab readers weekly as of January 2015. Reader engagement is exceptional with, on average, 44 minutes spent in the app on weekdays, 73 minutes on Saturdays and 50 minutes on Sundays.


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