2015 Finalist

Austin360 App

Austin American-Statesman

Austin, United States

Category Mobile

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Overview of this campaign

The Austin360 app launched on April 18th, 2014.  The app was conceived to fill a gap and facilitate social experiences. Its purpose is to help consumers coordinate, plan and simplify bringing friends together for a memorable night out.
The Austin360 app is a one-stop source to research and plan social activities that combines the best of popular entertainment utility apps.  By design, it’s simple, social, filterable and available via unified mobile and browser platforms. The app sets itself apart by its in-app communication, rich data, personalization capability and ease of use. To top it off, it will leverage credible, professional curated content with vendor feeds. The app was built in conjunction with Cox Media Group, using Zvents listings, Janrain technology solutions, and developed by AllDigital Inc.

Results for this campaign

Between April 18 and December 16, 2014, the Austin360 app reached 40,000 downloads.


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