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MLive Media Group - ACS-MI My Michigan membership program

MLive Media Group/ ACS-MI

Grand Rapids, United States

Category Paid Content or Subscription Initiative

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Overview of this campaign

The Catalyst

Faced with a diminishing print subscription audience, MLive Media Group, in partnership with ACS-MI, resolved to search for innovative solutions to add value for our subscribers while also enticing a new target audience. We realized this would require a multi-channel promotional effort as well as extensive transparent communication to our existing subscribers. This drive combined with a company-wide passion for supporting growth in Michigan led to the development of the My Michigan membership program.

Our Endeavor

My Michigan is a Michigan-loving, members-only benefits program available exclusively to our subscribers. It features cultural experiences and offers from Michigan’s most cherished organizations and destinations and exclusive editorial content and experiences.

The My Michigan initiatives include increasing the value of our relationships with our partners and customers, building loyalty and engagement, improving customer retention opportunities and increasing customer acquisition. This program also allows us to augment our first party data resources; growing future sales revenue opportunities.

The Experience


Ensuring that we are meeting the needs of current and future-desired subscribers, we built our membership site to be fully responsive regardless of access device (smartphones, tablets, laptop, etc). Additionally, we ensured that the membership site would be one-stop for our subscribers; offering account management functionality, benefit information and redemption ability, and exclusive access to our daily digital edition content platform.

Choosing to keep our news portal website, MLive.com open access, we offer our subscribers exclusive content in our digital edition platform, member benefits and the continuation of the lean-back print newspaper experience.

Promotion & Channels

  • Digital display ads
    • Desktop and mobile
  • Social Media
  • Print display ads
  • Sponsored content
  • Email
    • Transactional emails
    • Weekly benefit scrape
    • Dedicated benefit push emails
  • Direct Mail
    • Postcards
    • Invoice messaging
    • Invoice inserts
  • Digital Edition
    • Interstitial communication pages
  • Event presence
    • Large scale consumer and B2B events
    • Kiosk sales presence at events and retail outlets
  • Nontraditional/ Experiential
    • Stickers
    • Car bumper magnets
    • A dedicated song
    • Welcome brochure
    • Banners
    • Window clings

Results for this campaign

The results of these efforts was overwhelming:

  • Rev % to budget – 2014 actual revenue exceeded budget goal by 1.5%.
  • Digital revenue to 2013 – Digital revenue was up by 39% versus 2013.
  • Promo expense to budget – Promotional expense was under budget by 22%.
  • Digital and email starts to previous year – Digital and email starts increased over 2013 by 71%.
  • An improvement of PIA% of New Starts from 70% to over 95%. EZ-Pay% improved from 40% to over 60%.


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