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Sunshine Coast Daily: Connecting the Coast

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Maroochydore, Australia

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Overview of this campaign

WITH one of the biggest Facebook followings for a regional media company in Australia, the Sunshine Coast Daily set a number of key objectives for 2014.

  • Build an even larger social, digital and print audience
  • Create a deeper relationship with readers
  • Involve readers in key conversations
  • Drive traffic to the masthead site
  • Encourage readers to be part of the news gathering process through the contribution of pictures, videos, opinions, comments and news tips.
  • Generate greater pride in the Sunshine Coast through its Town Proud campaign
  • Reflect what our readers were saying on social media back in print through greater use of 360 journalism
  • Build more useful online stories from the advice of our readers. Eg. best places to eat, top places to visit. 10 things to do this weekend.
  • Generate greater exposure for our commercial partners
  • Promote APN's key online commercial pillars including classifieds, property, motoring, and employment.

Results for this campaign

THE Sunshine Coast Daily has won national recognition for its use of social media.
Its Facebook site has grown to have more than 125,000 followers, 36% of whom are actively engaged every day. The population of the Coast is just over 250,000 people.

In 2014, we saw a 22% growth in likes and an even more impressive 124% increase in page engagement.
Our biggest post of the year was seen by more than 3.7 million people and generated more than 4000 comments. The previous best post for reach was just one million people.

We have seen more and more of our posts generate hundreds of comments as well as significant news leads.
Some of our best news pictures of the year, including of extreme weather events and breaking news, have come directly from our FB audience.

With greater training, more of our posts have been successful in generating greater website traffic as well as driving readers to our print products.

As well as compelling news posts, we have used scheduled posts to generate conversations, promote deeper engagement and create content for both our online and print platforms.

These have included:

  • Fill in the blank
  • Thumbs up/thumbs down
  • Caption this photo
  • Photo of the week
  • Friday Flog It
  • Other recurring posts
  • Themed series/campaign
  • Town Proud

The Town Proud campaign, which focused on 30 different towns in November, resulted in more than 1000 increased newspaper sales as well as the highest engagement for any month in 2014. It built unique, timeless content, generated extra pride in individual towns, as well as great branding for the Daily.

In 2014, there has been a marked increase in 360 journalism. Conversations have often started on the digital platform - either on the website or Facebook - with the best of commentary being reflected back in print.

This has created numerous front page stories as well as far greater affection for the Daily as a brand with readers feeling their views as being reflected more in their local newspaper.


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