2015 Finalist

EDH Pack

Grupo Editorial Altamirano

San Salvador, El Salvador

Category Paid Content or Subscription Initiative

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Overview of this campaign


EDH wanted to increase subscriptions by 4% within a very competitive market with little to no differentiation with its main competitor.

EDH and its main competitor had very similar offers:
An annual subscription for $90 which required a substantial out of pocket for readers.
A promotional strategy based on restaurant coupons or not charging for issues for a month or two; both very inefficient and very costly.


We improved our product line while creating a portfolio strategy:

  • EDH pack was introduced allowing us to be part of a median income household´s monthly expenses such as internet, cable television, etc.
  • This new product would be based on 2 main Benefits for readers:
  • Affordability
  • Cancel anytime subscription model.

The Product: A $7.50 monthly fee charged directly to reader’s credit card including all the benefits of an annual subscription: EDH daily edition, free monthly magazines and our Reader´s Club membership. All contract free.

Launch Plan: 360° campaign, advertising agencys and malls activations, 1 day off internal campaign.

Results for this campaign


EDH Pack was very successful converting Readers, that used to buy a single copy twice or three times a week into permanent subscriptions.
Sales increase of +9.2% vs Previous Year outperforming our initial KPI by 5.2pp


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