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AdPlan national frequency plan initiative

AdPlan national frequency plan initiative

Fairfax Media New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand

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Overview of this campaign

The overall strategy for Fairfax Media is to become a sustainable digital business within three years. An important part of achieving this goal is to continue to work hard to maintain print advertising revenue, meanwhile boosting capabilities and opportunities in the digital space.

In an effort to uncover opportunities to increase print revenue Fairfax Media New Zealand audited the frequency plans across it’s publications. Some markets had one while others didn’t and no two plans were the same, with the creative look and feel and back end systems and processes vastly different from plan to plan.

Frequency plans smooth revenue and guarantee cashflow thoughout the year. They also help to reduce the need for distress space rates which affect yield.

This initiative sought to introduce AdPlan as the preferred frequency plan brand for Fairfax Media across the majority of its New Zealand markets in an effort to arrest decline in print advertising revenue while focusing on it strategy of becoming a sustainable digital business.


Firstly target those markets that either lack a frequency programme or have a weak brand or sales performance in their market and replace with the AdPlan brand

Retain the existing branding in markets that have strong frequency programmes and brands in place and to assist grow their revenue base by introducing AdPlan elements where appropriate.
To deliver $2,000,000 of revenue in year one

Results for this campaign

The AdPlan brand itself was given an update and new look and feel was established. Processes, products, materials, and programmes were developed and put in place to ensure ease of introduction from market to market. This included site management, rep analysis, target setting, and rep training.

The team leading this initiative successfully worked with local managers and teams at each site in lead up, implementation and execution stages of each programme to ensure that the sales teams were supported and motivated to sell.

The timetable since July has seen the introduction of the AdPlan brand across 11 titles or markets representing a mix that converted to the AdPlan brand and methodology. The goal in those markets was to secure the existing advertisers already in the local programme and driving substantial new or “at risk/unsecured” business into mast heads in all markets.
AdPlan was initiated first for the Marlborough Express and Nelson Mail and then rolled out to the following mastheads:

  • Manawatu Standard and communities (Feilding Herald & The Tribune)
  • Napier & Hastings Mail
  • Wairarapa News
  • Kapiti Observer
  • Taranaki Daily News
  • Kapi Mana News

The numbers

With a goal of $2,000,000 in new business and only six months into the initiative, AdPlan has already achieved outstanding success. To date it has driven $1,877,000 of new revenue to AdPlan, as well as $1,233,000 of revenue converted from existing frequency programmes. That’s a huge total of $3,110,000 now under AdPlan frequency programme.

This revenue has been derived across eight FFX sites

  • From 5,173 prospects
  • From 1,924 presentations gained from the above prospects = 37%
  • From 673 sales from the above presentations = 35%
  • average sale = $4,621
  • AdPlan is well and truly on track to deliver $2,000,000 new revenue in year one.


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