2015 Finalist

1414: Germany

Axel Springer Media Impact / Axel Springer AG

Berlin, Germany

Category Marketing Solutions for Advertising Clients

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Overview of this campaign

In 2006, BILD started asking its readers to send in photographs as “Reader Reporters”. More than 20,000 pictures have been published in the print title since then. Another dimension was added in 2013, when the digital photo community “1414 Reader Reporter” was launched. To date more than 150,000 active users have uploaded over 840,000 pictures or videos to Germany's biggest photo and video community. In order to give brands access to this young and socially active target group, the “1414 Branded Mission” was introduced in July 2014.

Several campaigns have been executed since then. In addition to a mobile and an online mission page and mission teasers linking to it, different media packages can be booked to generate further traffic. A mission’s principal aim is to engage users with the advertising brand and its products by conducting a picture or video contest to a topic of high interest for the community. This shall help to achieve a positive image transfer from BILD and the 1414 platform to the brand. In addition, it aims to cause viral effects that have a positive impact on the brand and increase customer loyalty.

Results for this campaign

The concept “1414 Branded Mission” has been introduced successfully to the “1414 Reader Reporter” platform in summer 2014. Many users are hedonistic and like to present themselves, which is key to this concept. Several campaigns have been conducted to date, among others “What means freedom to you?“ by NESTEA and “Summer Spirit - Your moment of enjoyment“ by ARLA/Starbucks, both of which were very well adopted by the community. Various eye-catching ad formats on BILD.de, the mobile page of BILD.de and its Facebook fanpage were used to attract the users’ attention and to generate traffic to the mission pages, while regular push messages reminded active app users of the ongoing “Branded Missions”.

Both topics (freedom and summer) were easy to grasp and to visualize in photographs, which was crucial to the campaigns’ success and can be seen as a general advantage of a well-performing mission. Another success factor was to provide a range of smaller prizes in addition to one main prize. This helped to keep the users motivated throughout the whole campaign period and made them upload even more than just one picture. More than 1,600 uploads were generated during the Starbucks mission, whereas the NESTEA campaign resulted in over 2,450 submitted pictures. In 2014, 10 branded missions with over 11,000 uploads and more than 5,500 participants generated advertising sales of more than €470,000 (net-net). Thus, the concept was very well received by the market.

Overall, “Branded Missions” give advertisers the opportunity to reach their prospects in a different and socially motivated context and to engage them with their brand, whereby users can make a little extra money with their pictures.


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