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A renewed De Morgen

De Morgen

Asse, Belgium

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Overview of this campaign

The campaign of ‘the renewed De Morgen’ had two main objectives.
1. Positioning De Morgen as a progressive & young newspaper with a healthy against the grain attitude.
2. Present the new product proposition of De Morgen and let as many readers as possible discover our new product


In the first phase we wanted to reclaim the territory of De Morgen. De Morgen was once the most progressive and outspoken newspaper in Belgium, but somewhere along the line, we got lost. So in 2014, we decided to turn form and content around in order to position ourselves again as the most progressive and young newspaper with a healthy against the grain attitude. To achieve this, we launched an atypical brand campaign with the statement ‘This country needs more salmon’. We used the salmon as metaphor for the healthy against –the-grain-attitude and combined our out-spoken mission statement with a screamy and fresh graphical style, very atypical for news brand campaigns. This resulted in a creative across media campaign with print ads, radio, TV, online display banners, a ‘salmon website’ (www.demorgen.be/zalm), social media use, editorial salmon content… You can find an overview this campaign in our case movie: http://youtu.be/BtPsx2PgWCk. Other examples of used media can be found in the document ‘Phase1_Positioning’.

In the second phase of our campaign, we presented the completely renewed world of ‘De Morgen’: a restyled paper version, a new website (www.demorgen.be ) , a new app and DM+, a digital VIP-environment for subscribers with the best articles of The New York Times and de Volkskrant, and additional free tickets, discounts, exclusive events. To spread this new product proposition, we offered our first new paper version for free by using sample teams and spreading free news papers in our most important selling points. Furthermore, the second phase of our cross media campaign (print, TV, radio, online, direct mailing) invited everyone to discover the new ‘De Morgen’ three weeks for free. Examples in ‘Phase2_ProductProposition’.

Results for this campaign

1. A spectacular growth of demorgen.be since our campaign. In 3 months, the number of visitors has grown with 35% and reached the number of 258.000 visitors/day. Source: CIM Internet

2. Sales of our paper version increases slightly in a decreasing market. On daily base, De Morgen still sells 53.429 units/day (+19 units compared to next year). Source: CIM Sales Q4 2013 – Q3 2014

3. Daily reach of ‘news brand’ De Morgen has increased till 372.000/day. Source: CIM Reach study 2014/1
4. More than 30.000 people signed up for the ‘3 weeks free trial’ of our new product.

5. 135.000 people red the first paper version of the new De Morgen

6. We conducted a post-test of phase 1 & phase 2. As background information, it may be important to know some values of our main media efforts:

  • TV: 460 GRP, 70% coverage, 8 OTS
  • Radio: 1150 GRP, 70% coverage, 8 OTS

Results phase 1:

  • Phase 1 had a global reach of 45%
  • Strong spontaneous attribution of 53% with low brand confusion (in aided context, this number even reaches 62%)
  • Likeability in target audience: 6.8

Results phase 2:

  • Phase 2 had a global reach of 53%
  • Strong spontaneous attribution of 59% (in aided context: 64%. In target audience: 70%)
  • Likeability in target audience: 7.2


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