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Montreal Gazette Calgary Herald Reimagined Launch Campaign

Postmedia Network Inc.

Calgary, Canada

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Overview of this campaign

In the spring of 2014 in Ottawa, Postmedia launched the beginning of a national plan to differentiate content across platforms. This approach, dubbed “Reimagined,” is based on new insights into audiences. The product “re-think” was based on extensive proprietary market research presented to individual newspaper sites by teams consisting of editorial and marketing leaders.

Audiences who read our print editions are not the same as those who read our journalism and advertising on their desktops or via mobile devices. So we re-thought our products to provide different content to different audiences at different times of the day. The strategy aimed to attract new readers and engage current readers more deeply, and to create opportunities for advertisers to target and engage with their customers more effectively.

The shift in thinking was profound. So were the work-flow changes. To succeed, the “Reimagined” project drew on hundreds of our people from across the Postmedia network at every level, from newsrooms to business technology to marketing.

While editorial and production staff worked through dry runs of the new products, Postmedia’s marketing department worked closely with London-based Winkreative agency on a redesigned masthead, logo and brand identity and with agency of record Sid Lee on a comprehensive creative advertising campaign to ensure the new products launched with a bang. And they did.

Praise for the new strategy and the newly envisaged suite of products has been profuse and garnered international attention as a significant strategic initiative in the fast-changing media world. To add to the excitement, the Montreal and Calgary launches occurred within a month of each other in the fall of 2014, with a brand-new creative campaign anchored on beautiful aerial photography from what we are calling our “Google Earth” perspective.

Key objectives:
• Brand awareness
• Drive new app downloads
• Increase web traffic

Results for this campaign

The result of our efforts was an 8-week integrated campaign to support Reimagined with internal/external components in Montreal and Calgary.

Redesigned newspaper/website, new mobile app for smartphones, new week-night news magazine tablet app, launched ion Montreal on Oct. 21, followed by Calgary on November 25. The two market launches kicked off multi-media campaigns on- and off-network with a strong focus on digital, including pre-roll video, Wifi sponsorship in local Starbucks locations and airport in Calgary plus YYC airport display takeover; transit and OOH display. It included significant outdoor visibility and activations in both cities.

Tactics included a comprehensive re-branding of all internal/external branded assets; on-network creative/message campaign utilizing print, web, tablet, mobile, e-marketing, social media; SEM campaign; off-network creative campaign; Special Delivery launch day event to advertisers and key influencers.

Reader Sales & Services marketing activities included redesign of subscription web pages and collateral for both cities.
B2B was also integral to the launch success, with the development of new advertising websites; updated collateral materials for Sales teams, external B2B launch events for advertisers.

The campaign creative was briefed to put our new products/platforms into the hands of our target audiences in the context of their real lives and do it with a new visual approach – beautiful, eye-catching photography with a 21st century feel, showing our different audiences, how they live now with our products newly relevant for today.

This is the “Reimagined” launch campaign for the Montreal Gazette and the Calgary Herald.

Montreal Gazette (launched Oct 21, 2014):

• 17% increase in total digital audience across mobile and web post launch period to Dec 31.
• 23,000+ new tablet app downloads to date
• 20,000+ new smartphone downloads to date
• Sold out all launch advertising packages
Calgary Herald (launched Nov. 25, 2014):
• Web increase stats unavailable at time of entry
• 9,300 new tablet downloads to date
• 17,000 new smartphone downloads to date
• Sold out all launch advertising packages


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