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Clipsal 500 Adelaide

News Corp Australia

Adelaide, Australia

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Overview of this campaign

The Clipsal 500 Adelaide is one of Australia's premier motor-sport entertainment events.

Staged late February / early March, the event coincides with the Adelaide Festival of Arts and The Adelaide Fringe. Therefore there is competition for people's attention and energy.

The campaign for this INMA entry was executed in October 2014, to build awareness and excitement for the March 2015 event, especially among audiences who are not hard core rusted on motor-sport fans.

Our partnership with the South Australian Motorsport Board goes back to the inaugural 2008 event.

Closer to the actual race, our commitment encompasses the whole of our media business, including editorial, feature editions with wraps, and custom publishing. We take a leadership position to drive successful outcomes as the event contributes significantly to the state's economy.

The October 'build-up' campaign elements included:

Standard advertising elements, print and digital (homepage buyouts,and web & mobile CPM).

Special execution elements, including...:

Digital Native Execution (October 15, 2014) - Australia's Great Adrenalin Rushes, 13 extreme experiences, one of which was a 'hot lap' of the Clipsal 500 track in a super car. Native editorial was sponsored by Clipsal 500. The long form feature incorporated video and social content within the editorial stream.


Reader promotion - readers were asked to send a photo or video of their own high adrenalin experience for the chance to win a money can't buy ‘Hot Lap”, or two 4 day grandstand seats.

Entries were displayed on a social media wall on the Adrenalin website.

Print Execution - Adrenalin (October 29, 2014) including a special ‘Brand Band’ wrap, and two separate full pages in one special edition (refer to attached file). This integrated with the digital native execution, encouraging readers to participate in the promotion by sharing their own high adrenalin experiences.

Print (October 19) - 2 special effect consecutive double page strip ads (refer to attached file).

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