2015 Finalist

Correio24horas Campaign

Correio Newspaper

Salvador, Brazil

Category Brand Awareness Campaigns

Media associated with this campaign

Overview of this campaign

The objective of the campaign is to confirm to the internet user, the power of sharing quality and credible information. It shows that, via the reach of the internet, ordinary people have sufficient tools to mobilize and promote advances in society, and the power to qualify public opinion. This is how the Correio24horas presents itself as a safe tool to increase the flow of this information and maintain a collaborative news environment. Correio24horas believes that recent journalism is practiced increasingly with the help of internet users. One of the campaign films shows a fun animation and tells stories of people who changed the world, such as Albert Einstein and Nicolaus Copernicus, to illustrate that great inventions have to be shared, as well as information.

Results for this campaign

The action resulted in a large reach for the Correio24horas brand, with approximately 1.4 million people impacted. Today the Correio24horas achieves 28 million page views per month, the leading audience in the North and Northeast.


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