2015 Finalist

Urban development case


OSLO, Norway

Category Events to Build a News Brand

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Overview of this campaign

Why is Aftenposten not an option for the B2B industry?

We acknowledged a gap in our product line because we did not have products that met the needs of the customers. To find out why, we had to learn from leading companies in the B2B industry. We developed an interview guide which we used in all of the ten interviews.

In October 2013, we a printed list of Norway’s 500 largest companies, and spread it out over a table at Aftenposten. 10 of the companies were underlined and 10 interviews with heads of communication were arranged.

Some answers were different from industry to industry, but they had one thing in common: They all depend on political decisions, setting their causes on the agenda and getting goodwill from the public. After the ten interviews, the urban development industry was singled out because it matched our editorial profile and coverage of the topic.

Judging by the answers they gave us, the ideal solution covering the communication goals and marketing objectives, did not exist.

With the answers in hand, we started thinking about how we as a publisher could meet their needs. After several internal workshops, the urban development conference was outlined as a relevant concept both for the industry and Aftenposten. A conference, supported by the editorial staff at Aftenposten, would create a relevant arena that could bring together politicians, urban development experts, industry players, Aftenposten, and the citizens of Oslo.

Results for this campaign

  • 6 million NOK net revenue
  • $1 million net revenue, so far.
  • 100 % hitrate
  • Urban development has become an important editorial branch, with it’s own vertical on Aftenposten.no
  • The first event hosted by Aftenposten
  • Established a great relationship between editorial and commercial departments in Aftenposten
  • We have sold out both sponsorships and tickets to all six Urban development conferences.


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