2015 Winner

Estação ZH

Zero Hora

Porto Alegre, Brazil

Category Events to Build a News Brand

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Overview of this campaign

Zero Hora, the largest circulating newspaper in southern Brazil, with over 730.000 readers of its printed editions (Marplan) – Grande Porto Alegre and Porto Alegre - October 2013 to September 2014
- 10+ years – 2.833.000), more than 171.000 printed every day (IVC - December 2014) and over 9 million users of its digital products (Google Analytics - December 2014), completed 50 years of operation in May of 2014. This date marked the beginning of a process of transformation, starting from the creation of a new model of relationship with the public, a model of ongoing activity that involved broad changes in the behavior of the editorial room and many other ZH departments, making it increasingly a part of the community where it operates and knowing how to use the 50th anniversary to spark this new moment.

In this sense, the need for ZH to be closer and more transparent with its reading public was seen. This is why ZH Station was designed as a social gathering space to welcome the community. The infrastructure relied on a low environmental impact construction system that was 100% recyclable. As a travelling station, it visited Porto Alegre’s main parks from May to November 2014. Its calendar of free attractions included chat sessions with journalists, lectures, workshops and shows.
Therefore, the objectives of the ZH Station event were as follows: Bring ZH newspaper closer to the community, provide free sporting and artistic attractions to the public, offer content and entertainment to the population of Porto Alegre and be a stage to project local artists in the media.

Results for this campaign

Over the 50 days of the ZH Station event, over 37,000 people participated in the over 260 attractions, providing moments of entertainment, interaction and content for the community of Porto Alegre.
Media repercussions were great as well. For the two seasons, one in Farroupilha Park and the other in Moinhos de Vento Park, the event was cited 400 times in Zero Hora, on the radio, television and online media.
It is clear that the ZH Station event generated engagement with the reading public. The community of Porto Alegre has the opportunity to be together with Zero Hora and its journalists, seeing the newspaper as a closer and more participatory brand.


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