2015 Finalist

Passport Belem - 100 Things to Do in Here

Diário do Pará

Belém, Brazil

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Overview of this campaign

Belem is a multifaceted city where every street, every alley, can reveal charms and offer experiences that mark the lives of those who visit or live. However it is the dynamics of everyday life or even the simple absence of documents to organize and deliver the company this virtuous chain of possibilities, many of these "treasures" remain hidden or unknown or explored by society.

Thus, Diario do Para gathered his team of journalists for the following purposes:

Develop an unprecedented series, which objectively and in a fairly manner illustrated offers a true guide on the "treasures" and experiences that the city offers, and every resident or visitor should not miss. Also stimulate greater and deeper integration of those living there with the city and its attractions as a way to move the local economy.

It is a new product with high added value, which transfers a lot of convenience and practicality to its users, the project also aimed to attract a large audience to the newspaper, especially the young public profile. In addition we had a goal to sell all three sponsorship fees available to the market.

Results for this campaign

Led by three local opinion leaders the series "Passport Belem, 100 Things to Do Here", presented a set of 100 unique experiences that every citizen or visitor should experience and try in the city of Belem. The profits of the tips gained so far from a rigorous selection and alchemy of unforgettable experiences that should above all reach the hearts of those who get involved with the script. To reinforce this trend, the selection advice was based on the development and organization of the five human senses - Sight, Hearing, Taste, Touch and Smell. This way users can unlock unique sensory characteristics, that only a city like Belem can offer.

Descriptive routine adopted an informal language that did prevail not only the appointment of attraction, but above all understanding the reason or secret that has to be part of this selective script. This was one of the secrets of the success and charm of the series, unravel what the eyes do not see often. The results of sales and business were a huge success. A series of 5 supplements inserted for free in the newspaper, made newspaper editions were exhausted, exceeding by 35% the expected target.

Originally produced to be shown in free supplements format’s inserted to the paper, the series' success was so great that the same content was then organized in a new format, "luxury guide" for sale at newsstands and bookstores. A new campaign was launched to promote the new version. An App is also in development.

The three trade quotas were sold out and two new quotas had to be developed to accommodate the interest of sponsors that were not foreseen. Thus, the commercial income almost double from the expected value. The overall result is so surprising that a new series, with a new approach is already planned for the year 2015.





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