2015 Finalist

Interactive Journal in Cup

Diário do Pará

Belém, Brazil

Category Mobile

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Overview of this campaign

Currently Brazil has more than 60 million smartphones in use. The numbers are rampant and only in the first quarter of 2014 of 17.9 million handsets sold, 10.4 million were smartphone type. Forecasts indicate that in early 2016 the subscribers of 3G system will supplant 2G. This means that Brazil is heading to become effectively an interactive society, which can offer great opportunities for those who know and observe anticipate efforts in developing and offering new solutions for this type of user.

Interactive projects that make use of QRCodes already are not new, but 99% of the newspapers that used the tool committed two key errors - not able to create rich experiences for users and the most serious, were unable to monetize the operation.

Given the world's biggest sporting event, the FIFA World Cup held in Brazil in 2014, the Newspaper gathered his employees and launched such a challenge as achieving Cup title. Develop an interactive project that could transport his readers into the playing fields and still attract resources from sponsors who did not want to invest resources in a traditional print platform. Challenge accepted, a large benchmarking study was conducted to map the mistakes made by newspapers around the world in the use of so-called QRCodes. Study performed, identified errors and be aware of the adjustments that needed to be made, the Newspaper launched the commercial project - Interactive Journal in Cup

Results for this campaign

The project consisted of a package of everyday matters that began 45 days before the World Cup, totaling more than 90 unique and interactive materials. Backed by a large mobilization campaign that surprised agencies and advertisers, the project presented sponsorship fees that had the ability to engage brands, content and technology. Thus, the primary purpose of attracting a special sponsor for the action ended with a trade dispute that ultimately determined the need to open two more sponsorship fees. As a result the project Diary Interactive in the Cup, making use of QR Codes tool, monetized operation with revenue coming from partners who had not expected to invest in newspaper during the World Cup - a mobile operator, a large local shopping center and even a bank. A revenue result of 200% higher than projected.
The experience with readers, the results were amazing too. A special editor coordinating all complementary routines that each QR applied should deliver. Each access revealed private and very special experiences. Exclusive interviews with players, testimonials commentators of a team sent especially to cover the event, images, videos and games the scenes photos, and more. The access rates were increased not only throughout the operation but, exceeded by over 100% the initial expectation. The same can be observed with the results of separately sold. The mobilization of mainly young people around the coverage made the newsstand sales increase by 13%. The project's success was so great that a new initiative was held during the coverage of Brazil Elections 2014 and over 2015 dynamic even bolder already is on the agenda with early accession of the same sponsors.



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