2015 Finalist

Living Intown Magazine

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Atlanta, United States

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Overview of this campaign

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution identified a need in the market for advertisers who wanted to reach a desirable target audience within a geographic “footprint” described as “intown Altanta.” Although there were other glossy lifestyle magazines in the market, competitors relied on free rack distribution (and limited subscriptions) but were unable to guarantee their magazines were reaching the right demographic target (high income homeowners), nor could they prove their readership.

The AJC also saw this as an opportunity to acquire new advertisers through a “zoned” product that because of its limited distribution could be sold at attractive price points to small locally owned businesses who were not currently advertising with the newspaper – and could be produced cost effectively with a 40% profit margin.

But perhaps most exciting during our product development process was the results of quantitative and qualitative research with newspaper subscribers in the proposed geographic distribution “footprint” who would receive this new magazine as part of their Sunday newspaper. They helped shape our content strategy – and the research we conducted with consumers helped us pre-sell the magazine to advertisers prior to launch. Readers were very interested in the concept.

The result was the launch of Living Intown. The high quality glossy magazine provides an insider’s perspective on the lifestyle, shops, dining, attractions, events in and around the unique neighborhoods of in-town Atlanta. A bi-monthly magazine with over 100 pages in every issue, the content gives insight into the distinct neighborhood flavor- from upcoming culinary centers to unique architecture and great walking destinations. Our objective is to showcase them and help our readers navigate the area for the best experience.

As you will see in the metrics, research has proven the magazine has been extremely popular with readers and our advertising results have been spectacular. The success of Living Intown has led to the development of another magazine targeting a similar geographic target north of Atlanta called Living Northside.

Results for this campaign

This has been an extremely important product for us to rebuild a local base of advertising and lay the foundation for additional spending in other products in the portfolio. The high quality glossy format and hyper-local content enabled our sales staff to secure new advertisers including those from key categories such as home furnishings, health care and specialty boutiques. Once we established a relationship, we were able to present other advertising solutions in our portfolio including targeted digital capabilities and direct marketing options. Broadening their advertising across our portfolio helped make their campaigns even more effective with additional reach and frequency to their target customers.

Key Metrics:

Total advertising revenue since launch (8 issues) $976,535. This far exceeded our initial goal of $500,000. Our business model was based on 40% advertising/60% news content with a projected 68 total pages for each issue. Living Intown has consistently published over 100 pages while maintaining the 40%/60% ratio.

Advertiser retention rate - 82%. We have maintained an 82% retention rate with our magazine advertisers which speaks to the quality environment and audience we deliver and the fact that our sales staff sold Living Intown to appropriate advertisers that target this key audience and geography. The very high retention rate is also notable considering the majority of revenue in the magazine comes from small local businesses and new clients that typically have a high churn rate in our other products.

Each issue has over 75 unique advertisers- The sales staff has successfully sold Living Intown across a broad base of advertisers and categories.

80 New Advertisers for the AJC. – One of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s strategic initiatives in 2014 was a focus on building new Local business. Living Intown made a considerable impact on this initiative and these new advertisers invested over $250,000 in Living Intown and another $92,735 outside the magazine in other products in our portfolio.
Research Support- In addition to the initial concept research completed for Living Intown, we did a follow up survey to our subscribers in the targeted geography after three published issues.

The survey supported advertising sales efforts and provide input on content. Responses supported the appeal of the magazine and overall engagement. 85% read Living Intown and 2 in 3 had taken some sort of action as a result of the magazine including; 30% who visited the website of a business mentioned or advertised in the magazine, 15% explored a specific neighborhood featured, 15% shopped a business that was mentioned or advertised. Overall appeal was very strong with 60% of respondents rating Living Intown an 8,9, or 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10=extremely appealing. The most popular topics were features that are unique for Living Intown from our many competitors including Neighborhood Profiles and Made in Atlanta which spotlights local entrepreneurs.

The success of Living Intown has set a high bar for new product launches and advertising solutions for local businesses. A spin off magazine, Living Northside, will debut in 2015.


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