2015 Finalist


GFR Media

Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

Category Create New Profit Centers

Media associated with this campaign

Overview of this campaign



  • To create a new revenue source without taking a piece of the current digital spend
  • To launch a product that establish our media as a strategic partner to brands vs solely a media space provider
  • To capitalize on that new relationship by cross-selling other internal products
  • To generate a deeper understanding of our audiences and their interactions with our commercial offerings

For advertisers

  • To create an additional channel for them to reach audiences
  • To provide advertisers with key insights about what specific themes appeal more to their audiences (helps inform future strategic efforts on the agency side)
  • Helps advertisers amplify their core brand messages in a organic manner vs retail/hard sell

Results for this campaign


  • Successfully launched sponsored content service and module in all 3 newspapers
  • Booked 4 clients by launch
  • Obtained access to strategic sessions with various advertisers, even some that haven’t used our service yet
  • Obtained cross-sell leads for our internal product Audience Profile
  • ROI of 306.3%
  • Generated a net revenue of $390,000 during first year.


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