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Berliner Morgenpost Interactive Team Portfolio

Berliner Morgenpost Interactive Team Portfolio

Berliner Morgenpost

Berlin, Germany

Category Digital Audience Usage and Engagement

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Overview of this campaign

In 2014, the Berliner Morgenpost, a regional German newspaper, established an interactive team consisting of a data journalist, a video journalist and two web developers. (http://www.morgenpost.de/interaktiv)

The journalists find exclusive stories in their own databases, use new research methods and produce interactive multimedia stories that take full advantage of the strengths of the web.

Recent projects include interactive features such as “The scar of the city” (http://mauerweg.morgenpost.de), which explores a new method of long-form storytelling online, and “M29 – The bus route of contrasts”

(http://www.morgenpost.de/m29). In this feature the team shows data patterns and trends along a well-known Berlin bus route.

Interactive maps such as the “The Rent Map – Where you still can afford to live in Berlin”

(http://interaktiv.morgenpost.de/mietkarte-berlin) are also popular. The data in the map can be applied to every single Berlin resident.

Results for this campaign

The feedback has been overwhelming. In 2014, the stories published by the interactive team were viewed and shared more than any other Berliner Morgenpost story. Stories went viral, even internationally, which was a new experience for the Berliner Morgenpost as a local title.

The interactive features have continuously increased the reach of Berliner Morgenpost and significantly enhanced the brand. Even new readers that don't buy the newspaper have told us that they visit our website because of our digital creativity.

The team has won several journalism awards including the prestigious “Axel Springer Preis” and the “Deutscher Reporterpreis”. They were also finalists at the international “Online Journalism Awards” and have also won a SND Best of Digital Design “Award of Excellence” and two Malofiej medals.

Based on this success, new regional markets have opened up for the Berliner Morgenpost, with companies now buying ads exclusively for interactive stories.


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