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Open Your City

Agora SA

Warsaw, Poland

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Overview of this campaign

The goal of the Open Your City campaign was to build Heineken brand proximity in the urban target group. The campaign was aimed at inspiring young people to discover the world around them.

Justifying Heineken’s value was an important factor. To achieve it, we provided consumers with added value: relevant content! How did we do it? By creating the otworzmiasto.pl website and using a number of offline actions.

Where and when?

11 cities in Poland

The communication strategy was based chiefly on the digital channel which formed the core of communications, having the largest reach and the most credibility! Partnership with one of the biggest experts and cultural guides in Poland, namely Gazeta Co Jest Grane (Newspaper and website What’s Up?), lent the campaign credibility and made it possible to reach young people as well as use high-quality existing traffic.

Otworzmiasto.pl, an RWD website using geolocation and fed with content from 11 local editing teams of Co Jest Grane, became the basic landing site of the whole campaign.

Apart from wide-scale online editorial promotion, it was supported with a display campaign, also in mobile format.
Campaign was promoted in press, in every Friday issue of Gazeta Co Jest Grane (newspaper).

Another channel used for the campaign comprised social media; in them, communications were adapted geographically, thanks to which relevant content reached persons from the target group.

Outdoor was another important element of the communication strategy. CLPs were placed in main locations in 8 large cities as well as in means of public transportation.

Influencers formed an important channel for building the credibility of communications.

The whole project was complemented by a television campaign, conducted using the main channels; for 12 weeks, it directed consumers to the otworzmiasto.pl website. Events: live programmes on Rock Radio and broadcasts of concert held at the Cud nad Wisłą club (Warsaw). The Open’er Festival, including the Heineken town, is also a perfect example of Heineken being an inherent part of the city life

Results for this campaign

We have achieved our goal!

During the three summer months, Heineken and Gazeta Co Jest Grane (Newspaper and website What’s Up?) opened up 11 biggest cities in Poland!

We delivered information on the coolest parties, concerts and cultural events of the summer. Thanks to our campaign, our target group learnt where to go, what to eat and where to party in the city!


Thanks to cross-media activities, within three months the otworzmiasto.pl website was visited by 1,044,320* UU who performed 3,137,283* PV.

31.5% returning users.

Website built fully using RWD and geolocation.



2,442,465* disseminated copies in network reach.
1,334,000** readers had an opportunity to see at least one piece of material regarding the campaign published in Gazeta Co Jest Grane, the nationwide add-in to Gazeta Wyborcza.

Advertisement and a permanent editorial column with layout in Gazeta Co Jest Grane modified especially for the Heineken brand.

*ZKDP, total paid distribution, 06.06.14-29.08.14, self-presentation
** PBC, by MillwardBrown, June-August 2014, CDT Friday, n=10,402, prepared by Agora SA

520 CITYLIGHTS in 8 main cities +85 displays in Warsaw
16mn* contacts with advertisement in means of public transport
*Customer data


11 live radio programmes on Rock Radio broadcast from the Cud nad Wisłą club in Warsaw
Radio campaign: OTH – 23.4*


13 live concerts at the Cud nad Wisłą club in Warsaw
Open’er Festival – live broadcast from the festival at otworzmiasto.pl in the Open’er tab: 156,115* UU


Higher consumer involvement, leverage in the PR channel, higher communication credibility, increased reach.


Facebook: 2,036,220* post reach, 6,394 likes
151* publications in press and in Social Media
*Customer data


402,408,466* contacts with the advertisement over 12 weeks
26,908,979** 1+ reach, individuals
*Nielsen Audience Measurment
The cross-media Open Your City campaign has effectively built the proximity with and awareness of the Heineken brand among the urban target group and encouraged its members to open up to the city.


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