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Newspaper acts as catalyst to transform the world’s largest democracy to the world’s best democracy

Jagran Prakashan Limited

New Delhi, India

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Overview of this campaign


Democracy always had critics, but old doubts are being treated with renewed respect. Populism and corruption have impaired the performance of democracy, flaws are increasingly visible and the disillusion with politics is rife.
Under assault from changing global equations, economics now dictates political discourse. Pressure groups are disrupting traditional politics like never before. The combination of globalisation and the digital revolution have made some of democracy’s most cherished institutions look jaded.


For political scientists, India is an enigma. It’s miraculous to have sustained a democracy for more than 65 years in a multilingual country of a billion. However, growing inequality, dynastic politics and endemic issues of criminalization and corruption seriously undermine confidence in the country's democratic traditions. Governments have done little to reform the country's political and administrative systems. With the demands of 1/6th of humanity to be met, India must have a democracy that delivers progress. This country was getting into elections, which was mammoth by any scale – 4617 candidates, 300 parties, competing for 543 constituencies, over 700 mn voters….and a potential 100 mn first-time voters being added to the democratic fold. The stage was set.


“Nothing is more wonderful than the art of being free, but nothing is harder to learn how to use than freedom.” Alexis de Tocqueville
To get people on its side, Dainik Jagran had to get on people’s side. We had to go beyond the clarion call for voting. After all, democracy is about more than just voting. The central tenet of our idea was the belief that that governance is a personal responsibility and people participation is the bedrock of a powerful democracy. Citizens of India had to come together to create change. The call from us was “PARTICIPATE AND NURTURE YOUR DEMOCRACY AND TRANSFORM THE WORLD’S LARGEST DEMOCRACY TO THE WORLD’S BEST DEMOCRACY”. This led to the birth of our idea “Jan Jagran – Awaken, and write the destiny of your country”

Results for this campaign


Dainik Jagran gave a platform to millions of people to participate in democracy by CREATING A PEOPLE’S MANIFESTO. It brought them face to face with the influencers and policy makers fuelling debates and discussions. It compelled polity to take notice of public expectations. The campaign needed an army of emotionally charged people to participate.


  • 1,28,441 people wrote a manifesto for the new government
  • 6000 opinion leaders created their manifesto


  • 241 Street plays organized across 16 cities, viewed by over 50,000 people
  • 415 Panel discussions with 4000+ panelists were held across 29 cities
  • 31 seminars held across 29 cities with a cumulative audience of over 6000
  • A film on democracy was screened for over 1000 key opinion makers across 4 key cities

CAMPAIGN DEPTH – 17 Days of High Intensity

  • 17 Full Page editorial articles on the campaign were carried across 30 cities.
  • 20 Ads released in Dainik Jagran covering 11 states of India
  • An Outdoor campaign across 8 states covering over 1,25000 square feet of ad space
  • 44 mini trucks carried the campaign message across 37385 kms
  • The campaign reached out to the 56 mn readers of Dainik Jagran

Democracy was the great victor of the ideological clashes of the 20th century. But if democracy
has to remain relevant going forward, it must be both assiduously nurtured when young—and
carefully maintained when mature. Democracy lets people speak their minds and shape their
own and their children’s futures. That so many people in in the world are prepared to risk so
much for this idea is testimony to its enduring appeal. In hindsight this was a profound moment
of transformation. In our quest to strengthen and preserve faith in democracy, we had walked a
few miles. Just keeping this faith alive was victory for the campaign.


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