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Bilanz - The German Business Magazine

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Berlin, Germany

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Overview of this campaign

DIE WELT, the German quality daily, is among Europe’s leading newspapers. It is a medium for decision-makers and represents a high degree of journalistic competence in business and financial matters. DIE WELT is well positioned as market leader in terms of innovation: The newspaper launched successfully a tabloid format edition in 2004, was the first German newspaper to launch an app for the iPad in 2010 and the first national newspaper to introduce a paywall for its online edition in 2012. Following this successful track record DIE WELT’s latest challenge was to establish the leading German business magazine as a supplement to DIE WELT within 6 months.

Our formula for success to instantly provide such a magazine with zero marketing and sales costs: We brought our strong business magazine brand BILANZ from Switzerland to Germany, recruited the best people with their unique style for the editorial side, brought in our excellent network, created a startup spirit and cultivated an upright attitude. And we leveraged our core strength: Our existing reach of the print edition. We delivered BILANZ to our readers every first Friday of a month as a supplement to our newspaper.

  • BILANZ offers exclusive, investigative inside stories about business and its movers and shakers. It is independent, discerningly competent, and focusses on the business elite in an understandable, lively language.
  • BILANZ conducts high-class, sophisticated business journalism and simultaneously maintains an opulent appearance.
  • BILANZ is targeted toward top-level decision makers and executives, private investors, opinion leaders, and high potentials.

With Arno Balzer as the publisher and Klaus Boldt as editor-in-chief, two of the most renowned industry experts have assumed the task of developing the magazine.

Klaus Boldt: “BILANZ aims to be the new forum for managers: critical, competent, and creative. The aim of our stories is to satisfy the scrutiny of experts and be understood by lay people at the same time.”

The launch of the magazine was accompanied by a widely varied advertising campaign.

Results for this campaign

BILANZ was published for the first time on May 2, 2014 as a supplement in DIE WELT and WELT Kompakt. The business magazine was immediately accepted by the readers as an exciting, informative, and also entertaining magazine that combines reading pleasure and sophisticated content. Advertising clients also perceived BILANZ as a perfect advertising environment: All of the 22 ad spaces in the magazine were booked. Furthermore, it succeeded in winning clients who had never booked ads in DIE WELT before.

The strong interest in the magazine is reflected by very good sales. On the publication dates that include BILANZ as a supplement, the sales of DIE WELT are significantly better than on other days. Even on the publication date of the first issue, a sales increase for the DIE WELT of 60% was recorded.

In order to verify that our editorial standards also meet the demands of the readers, we have surveyed readers of DIE WELT and WELT Kompakt with regard to the first issue. The following numbers show the results of the survey and prove the enormous success among its readership.

Copy test results:

• 96% of DIE WELT and WELT Kompakt readers have leafed through or read BILANZ.
• 89% have read at least half of all BILANZ pages. Nearly two-thirds (65%) even read almost three-quarters of all pages.
• BILANZ was read for an average of 38.4 minutes.
• On the whole, 88% of the readers rated BILANZ as “good” or “very good.”
• 55% of the readers would tell their circle of friends about BILANZ or pass BILANZ around.
• Almost half (46%) of the readers will keep BILANZ to read it again at a later point in time.
• The average advertising awareness of all tested ads in BILANZ was 70%.

BILANZ also became successfully established in the industry. It convinced the trade media such as Medium Magazin and Wirtschaftsjournalist as a “noteworthy new establishment with consistently rigorously researched stories.” It honored its makers as the Editorial Department of the Year.


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