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APN ARM Dinosaurs Collector Cards

APN Sunshine Coast Daily

Maroochydore, Australia

Category Print Single-Copy Sales

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Overview of this campaign

In the second quarter of 2014, APN ARM sought a creative and far-reaching promotion that would drive an increase in retail sales across the promotional period. In order to effectively meet this goal, a promotion was designed to hit two
integral sub-goals – to engage the community, and to engage our major retailers. And because APN newspaper brands play a vital role in our regional markets, we were committed to representing our local communities by producing content that would engage, enthral and educate our younger readers.

The solution? The Prehistoric Dinosaur Collection promotion. We partnered with our newsagents to distribute 800,000 dinosaur cards to readers across our twelve key regional markets in Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Each day for 30 days, readers were able to redeem a newspaper token and receive a set of two dinosaur cards – each containing an image of a dinosaur and a list of key points, including a fun fact – at no additional cost.

With APN’s extensive marketing power at hand, the Prehistoric Dinosaur Collection promotion became a 360 degree marketing promotion, making full use of print, online, radio and social media opportunities.

The Prehistoric Dinosaur Collection promotion was supported in mastheads right across APN ARM’s media footprint, inspiring extensive additional stories, editorial and content in-paper and online – including a specially designed website. Point of sale balloons, cut-outs, wobblers and posters were developed to build enthusiasm and excitement. While the 40 card collector set was the focus, an array of additional elements were developed to support the campaign. These included:

  • Online games, playable via the Dinosaur Collector Cards website
  • Online trivia challenges as part of ‘Dino Week’, offering local dinosaur hunters the chance to be crowned the town’s honorary palaeontologist
  • Dinosaur figurine giveaways, with a total prize value of $14,000

Through the combination of these promotional elements, the aim was to engage with consumers, create excitement in the community and encourage retail growth.

Results for this campaign

The collector cards series was a resounding success which achieved a number of objectives including:
Community engagement - Overwhelming response to the promotion from readers, advertisers, retailers and staff. The swap meets ran by sites attracted a huge response from readers collecting the cards. These events created a great opportunity to engage with readers and complete the collection of cards.

Editorial - Strong support in-paper and online from Editorial, where there was an opportunity to leverage all related stories i.e. education that is relevant to the promotion. Great regular use of front page pointers.

360° Promotion - Consistent 360° result across all platforms delivering on objectives set out at the start of the campaign.
New audiences - External media, including radio ads and Facebook engaged new audiences.

Retail - The promotion delivered a 1.3% retail improvement across the group of 12 daily titles. Bonus token days that were pre promoted achieved incremental newspaper sales growth. Newsagents were highly engaged with this promotion.


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