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South China Morning Post - APAC Innovation Summit 2014

The SCMP Group

Tai Po Industrial Estate, Hong Kong

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Overview of this campaign

Owning Innovation, Asian Style

The Hong Kong Science and Technology Park Corporation (HKSTP) has traditionally been a small advertiser with the paper, preferring small placements of a few ads each year.SCMP Events, the paper’s newly established events team saw potential in this client and wanted to grow its billing from US$6,500 per annum to at least US$50,000 through event sponsorships.
However, after further understanding the client’s needs, we saw a much larger opportunity – which is to scale up their one day conference on technology into a week-long government-to-government (G2G) summit where ministers would converge, share ideas, and develop trade deals.

Knowing that Western innovation models were difficult to adopt in Asian nations due to the disparity in infrastructures – policies, financing, human capital and technology, it made sense for the HKSTP to create the first of such platforms in Asia where leading minds and influencers from Asian Pacific nations could converge to mutually inspire through new thinking models, and engage in forward-thinking dialogue on policy implementation and market adaption with uniquely Asian characteristics.

Our objective therefore, was threefold:

1. To pitch the client to develop a week-long G2G thought leadership summit on Innovation, developed by SCMP;
2. To support the conference with a strong native advertising campaign; and
3. To build in revenue streams for the client to also benefit from this new format, and to allow SCMP to act as their event consultant moving forward.

Results for this campaign

The results were spectacular.

1. SCMP Events successfully organized and held the first APAC Innovation Summit at Hong Kong’s largest event venue, the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Across 5 days, 3,000 delegates attended to hear 170 globally renown speakers, 25 participating countries.

  • 3000 delegates in attendance
  • 170 globally renown speakers
  • 5 days
  • 25 participating countries

2. New revenue growth of 38x amounting well over US$250,000 was generated from a US$6,500 client through a big idea

  • A print pure-play client was successfully grown through a truly diversified and integrated solution covering:
    • APAC Innovation Summit strategic planning and positioning
    • Overall programme consulting and design
    • Speaker invitation and delegation coordination
    • Post-event Innovation Report Development (pre-event research to week-long on-site reporting and editing in 3 languages – English, Cantonese, Putonghua)
    • Native advertising campaign (combining editorial and advertorial content for print-to-digital [P2D] seeding)
    • Summit advertising campaign development (thematic creative development to artwork production)
    • Delegate recruitment engagement campaign execution (joint promotion, creative development and fulfillment)
    • Through-the-line video production and social distribution (pre to post event filming, editing and distribution)

3. The client further generated larger event delegate sales, sponsorships, new business opportunities through tenants at the Science Park. This successful partnership was well documented within the organisation, and will now become a new format moving forward, with the SCMP being their primary partner of choice.


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