2015 Finalist

The Travel Bug Competition

Fairfax Media

Melbourne, Australia

Category Digital Audience Usage and Engagement

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Overview of this campaign

Traveller.com.au, a new website designed to inspire and inform those planning travel experiences, was launched in September. In order to engage consumers with the new product and encourage repeat visitation, we ran The Travel Bug competition. This promotion was a digital scavenger hunt designed to drive users to trial Traveller.com.au and strengthen their understanding of the website’s offering. The idea behind this is that the inspiring travel information on Traveller.com.au makes it a breeding ground for one of the most infectious travel related ailments - the Travel Bug.

The Travel Bug was brought to life as a character via our marketing campaign. He is a tall man with bug like features - wings and antennae. Like Traveller.com.au, he is very passionate about travel and knows everything you need to know about destinations. The Travel Bug also likes to hide in funny places and for 15 days, he was ‘hiding out’ on Traveller.com.au.

During this time, we shared clues on the Traveller website and Social Media channels to drive consumers to ‘catch the Travel Bug’ to be win a share of over $30,000 in travel prizes. The clues given would lead readers to the website to trial various destination pages and experience the range of content on offer, before ideally finding the Travel Bug and entering the competition. The Travel Bug was often to be found hiding on pages that featured new content and functionality to ensure consumers could truly experience the breadth of the site offering.

Our targets were to drive 100,000 Page impressions to the Travel Bug page, achieve 2,000 entries in the competition and increase engagement including; likes, referrals and reach on Traveller’s Social Media accounts by 50%.

Specific targets for video executions were set to measure engagement with the creative. Facebook; a cost per view of $0.15 or 90,000 views; TruView (YouTube) a View Through Rate of 18% and 79% for programmatic.

Results for this campaign

The Travel Bug competition exceeded targets for the campaign, generating 159,295 page views and 46,433 visits across Traveller.com.au. Over the duration of the competition, Traveller.com.au page views were higher than the 4 weeks prior (+142,333) and engagement on site increased by 9.95% month on month.

Against a target of 2,000, we received a total of 10,486 entries from readers who found the Travel Bug hidden on Traveller.com.au and completed the entry form.

The Traveller Facebook page grew by over 75% over the duration of the competition. This growth largely contributed to Traveller exceeding it’s end of year ‘Likes’ target by 200%. The organic reach of the Facebook page grew by 498% in the first week of the competition alone. Growth across the Traveller Facebook page has resulted in an uplift of 190% in referral traffic (page views) from Facebook to Traveller.com.au (September to November).

Our video creative exceeded all targets set. Video on Facebook achieved particularly high engagement with a cost per view of $0.11 and 127,416 views. On TruView we achieved a very strong View Through Rate of 25.04%, and on programmatic our View Through rate was 81.28%.

Overall, the huge increases in Social Media followings, referral traffic and engagement clearly demonstrate that the Travel Bug was a successful idea to grow engagement with Traveller.


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